Versatile Pet Owls

It turns out owls can do a lot more than just sit around and look wise and criticize Freddy the Pig’s poetry. Before youtube came along, who knew owls could make such good pets?

I remember the first time I saw an owl. My friend and I were walking in the woods, I guess I was about six years old, when we disturbed the world’s most enormous owl, who flapped his wings with a sound of thunder and took off. Man! To this day I’m sure that bird was bigger than I was. One of those memories you just don’t forget, ever.

5 comments on “Versatile Pet Owls

  1. Every one of these little cuties was adorable! This has to have been a well-guarded secret because owls are not the first of God’s creatures one thinks of when deciding which one to share our lives with. Who would have guessed they could be so sweet and loving? 🙂

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