Did We See a Pterodactyl?

I want to tell you about an odd experience we had, some years ago. I’ve used this video of a pterodactyl model in flight because it was the closest thing I could find to what we saw.

Ten or fifteen years ago, Patty and I celebrated our anniversary with a day on the Seaside Boardwalk. It was August 8.

Coming home with plenty of daylight left, we found ourselves driving all alone on Route 34 in Holmdel Township. That in itself was quite unusual. But then we looked up at the sky.

At first we thought it was a hang-glider, because it sort of looked like one. But there’s nowhere for many miles around suitable for hang-gliding. No cliffs, no mountains, no skyscrapers. So how could he have gotten up there in the first place?

We watched it for long enough to be sure it wasn’t a hang-glider, or any kind of aircraft that we’ve ever seen, or any kind of bird. What it looked like was a pterodactyl. Unlike the model in the video, it never flapped its wings. We also had a strong impression that it was much, much bigger than any model–although with nothing to use for scale, we couldn’t be sure about its size.

It glided all the way across our field of vision, and as the car kept moving, eventually we could see no more of whatever strange thing this was. All we both can say for sure is that it sure as heck looked like a pterodactyl. As a lifelong dinosaur buff, I ought to know a pterodactyl when I see one.

Very, very strange: and we never heard that anyone else saw it.

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  1. What an incredible experience – and on your anniversary! Stranger things have happened, so it could’ve been a pterodactyl! 🙂

  2. I believe that you did. Our world is so huge and we don’t know what’s existing in every nook and cranny. My son’s father-in-law told me once that he saw a dimetrodon when he served in Vietnam and I believe him as well. He’s also a dinosaur lover as well. At one point until I had gotten my own subscription, I’d borrow his creation science mags and read them front to back.

    1. And then there’s the Tyrannosaur that’s been seen around Lake Murray, New Guinea (I have a post about it, somewhere in the archives).

      Can’t help wondering–where is the pterodactyl when I’m not seeing it? Where would it live?

      I do love cryptozoology, though. A Dimetrodon in Vietnam… wow.

  3. As Marge said, mankind does not know every nook and crannie of the planet. The discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones has changed everything. There’s much we don’t know.

  4. There’s parts of the Everglades man has never seen, let alone the Congo area in Africa. The natives claim that have seen creatures whose descriptions seem to indicate dinosaur sightings. Why couldn’t Noah have had baby dinosaurs on board?

  5. I believe God brought dinosaur juveniles on board the Ark. He’d have to have juveniles because of the measurements of the with its three floors. Creationists hold to this view.

  6. Specimens of every living kind of creatures were preserved, so I they existed at the time of the Flood there would have to have been. If this is the case, it explains the legends of dragons.

    1. Dragon tales and myths are all over world. And I believe these dragons are based on the dinosaurs.

    1. I want to say it couldn’t possibly be a pterodactyl–because where would it live, when it wasn’t flying across the sky?–but I can’t help it: that’s what it looked like.

      What in the world am I gonna write for Newswithviews tomorrow? Do I dare write about my pterodactyl?

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