University Newspaper Calls for ‘White Death’

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How College Hurts America: Example No. 178,494

The Texas State student newspaper, The University Star, has “apologized” for an, er, “editorial” proclaiming that “White death will mean liberation for all” and telling white people, “Your DNA is an abomination” because “You shouldn’t exist” (

But hey, as long as they’ve apologized…

This screed was written by a Texas State senior majoring in “philosophy.” I used to have respect for that subject, but obviously it isn’t worthy of any.

Y’know, I thought colleges and universities were dead set against “hate,” they’ll kick you out for being a “hater,” or force you into “sensitivity training” until you achieve Diversity by thinking like everybody else–it appears I was wrong.

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe crazy rhetoric like this–which is now extremely common!–might possibly stir up violence? Maybe even a genocidal civil war? Really–what if these collidge wackos genuinely believe this stuff? Am I the only one who thinks that collidges that teach and preach this trash should receive no–repeat, no!–public moneys? Why should white people have to fork over their tax dollars to wicked fools who want to kill them?

De-fund the universities now. Before they can start the kind of fire they’ve been playing with.

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9 comments on “University Newspaper Calls for ‘White Death’

  1. Let’s call it what it is, racism. It’s just as vile as white supremacy, yet for the most part, it gets underreported, ignored, or not taken seriously when it’s about non-white supremacy. Whats wrong with this picture? These ideologies are toxic and produce nothing but contention and contempt for certain groups of people. They need to be dealt with it, or it will cause more violence.

    1. Their response to this is always that there can be no racism against whites because whites are powerful and only the powerless can be victims of racism. They can’t answer the question of why these powerful whites seem unable to stop the “powerless” people from attacking them, or how the “powerless” people manage to make themselves immune from punishment for the attacks.

  2. It’s amazing how much hatred is expressed. I don’t deny that SOME Caucasians have been oppressive, but there are many more that have not. This will not lead to any improvement in matters.

    1. Absolutely, Lee, and I doubt Father is looking too kindly upon all of this insanity.

  3. In this picture I can see the pain, and fear, in their faces. Someone should tell them that their rage does not alleviate the pain but, instead, makes them psychotic, especially when they’re on the borderline. When I went to university, students didn’t look like this; they weren’t “crazed.” Such a mob mentality is dangerous, not only to their targets, but to the mob themselves.
    The adults in their lives have not been very good to them. They will continue to act out until there’s no way out. Reprobates.

  4. All the marks were there that America was going into complete collapse, then along came Donald Trump – or should I say, God raised up a Samson to counter against the anti-America, pro-Globalism “new world order.”

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