Colleges Seek Christless Christmas

“Inclusiveness” sucks.

“Diversity” sucks.

Our colleges and universities suck, too.

Yes, throughout this great land of ours, our even greater institutions of higher education are trying to eradicate Christmas–or at least replace it with some meaningless “winter festival” like they do in towns run by Democrats (

The prize goes to University of California, Irvine, for urging its staff to “ensure that office celebrations are not indirectly celebrating a religious holiday.” Indirectly celebrating–what in the world does that mean? They want the office staff to “display diverse symbols,” which means everything but Christian symbols, just like “inclusiveness” means they exclude Christianity. But man! Once you get into that “indirectly” stuff, you don’t know where you’re going! Just about anything might be interpreted as “indirectly celebrating a religious holiday.” Although if it were a non-Christian holiday, that would surely be okay.

State University of New York urges staff and students to “create a winter theme.” Uh, wouldn’t that be, like, a pagan religious celebration? Never mind, as long as it isn’t Christian.

Ohio State requires that any decorations “be secular in nature.” Sorta like when Hillary Clinton had condoms and syringes hung on the White House Christmas tree–er, excuse me, Holiday tree!

Life University (never heard of it) is having a decoration contest whose entries will be judged by their “inclusiveness.”

Hey! Earning a degree in Gender Studies or Superhero Studies is hard work–to say nothing of teaching it. College staff and students need to unwind with a little secular I-hate-Jesus inclusiveness!

The wisest thing we can do for our country is to cut off all public funding to the universities.

10 comments on “Colleges Seek Christless Christmas

  1. Actually, why would anyone want to celebrate winter as a season? Icy roads, high heating bills, short days, lowering clouds … this is cause for celebration? The point of the celebration that they want to avoid is that light and life and warmth came to us in a time of cold and darkness (spiritually and culturally speaking) NOT to be celebrated. Jesus rescued us from death and despair. THAT’S what we celebrate.

    1. Well, see, banning druidism would be “excluding.” It’s only truly “inclusive” when you exclude Christianity.
      Liberals are strangers to logic.

  2. “Tis likewise proposed as a great advantage to the public that if we once discard the system of the Gospel, all religion will of course be banished for ever; and consequently, along with it, those grievous prejudices of education, which under the names of virtue, conscience, honor, justice,
    and the like, are so apt to disturb the peace of human minds.” -Jonathan Swift

  3. I attended UC Irvine when out of high school – it was in its second year of existence. They had a psychology department that was experimenting with LSD on their students. I left after my first year to enroll at conservative Fullerton College in the town where I grew up

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