Canada’s War on Free Speech

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Coming to Canada–Maoism!

As revelations of the deep corruption in our own government continue to pile up, too fast for me to track, Canada is ramping up its campaign to erase free speech. An article in Crisis Magazine makes for chilling reading (

The Ontario Bar Assn. is now demanding compelled speech–things you must say, whether you believe in them or not, if you want to practice law. They’ll even provide you with a “template” to follow, so that you can sign your name to the kind of “statement of principles” that they require. In true Great Cultural Revolution style, signers must admit to “unconscious bias.” One wonder how anyone’s self-respect can survive this.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the orcs from OHRC, demand “compelled usage of non-gendered pronouns” at all the universities, so as to avoid any “mental pain” on the part of “transgendered persons”–which is equated with “violence.”

Don’t bother to sneer at Canada. Leftids in our country toil ceaselessly to do the same to us in the United States: and what’s more, they’re doing it. Wait’ll the Supreme Court rules you have to take part in a “gay wedding” even if it violates your religious beliefs. Wait’ll they start dictating the content of all kinds of works of art, not just one-of-a-kind wedding cakes.

These indignities are imposed on us by persons who see themselves as gods.

May the Lord our God deliver us out of their hands, and give us strength and courage to resist them. And defeat them.

7 comments on “Canada’s War on Free Speech

  1. A Canadian TV news personality was on Tucker Carlson’s show two weeks ago saying he had free speech in Canada. His employers responded by firing him because he does not have free speech in Canada. The gentleman was invited immigrate to America by Tucker.

    1. I’ve been covering the erosion of liberty in Canada for years now. The pace is picking up. I remember Rev. Stephen Boissoin, who was ordered by the “human rights” commissars to recant his belief that homosexuality is a sin and to publish letters in his local newspaper to that effect. A real court came along and reacted with some outrage: “You can’t make anyone do that!”

      But now they can. And it’ll be America’s turn next.

  2. What’s worse is there is often no public outcry. There comes a time when getting out the pitchforks and torches are warranted.

  3. It was somewhat nice knowing ya Canada. Enjoy the glorious to each according to his needs utopia courtesy of Justine Trudeau.
    Maybe there will be a Great Leap Forward for Canada!
    The mail clerk will be promoted to brain surgeon and the store clerk will be made into an airline pilot as part of the Great Leap Forward.
    The Red Guards will make sure there is ideological purity and none of those conservative Kulak scum.

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