If You Defund The Universities, They’ll Behave

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You say exactly what we want you to say–you’re hired!

The English Dept. at the University of Houston Downtown has removed an “anti-racism statement” that it had required all faculty and staff to sign onto, expressing their heartfelt (LOL) support for Far Left Crazy (https://campusreform.org/article?id=21579).

Why did they back down?

Well, Gov. Greg Abbot’s office got involved and it was suggested that there might not be any more state aid for neo-Stalinist stupid factories. And that, as they say, was that.

Man, oh, man! If you’re looking to invest in stocks, run out and buy Compelled Speech–because it’s taking off like a rocket, all over the country. “We’ve told you what you can’t say. Now we’ll tell you what you must say!” And they start with having their hirees confess that they are “all [Yes–A-L-L] complicit in systems of oppression” blah-blah-blah. You had to sign it or you couldn’t have a job.

Why have we let our “educators” treat us with such contempt? But the solution to this problem is staring us right in the face: Take away the money. Here, just the threat of cutting off state aid got the commies to climb down.

I suspect we can get by very nicely with only 10% of the “higher education” that we have now. The remaining 90% can be thrown out with the tuna that went bad.

We Has ‘A’ Noo Socile Jutstus TakTik!!!

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Sumb-tymes my cloathes thay dought “feeel rihght” and Then i disscuver I has axerdently “put themb” On Back-words!!!!!!

So yeasterday i whent to Me Studdies class whith my Pants “on” back-wurds–and i amb teling yiu It “cann” hapen “to” Ennyboddy!-!–and the Prefester and the oather stoodints “thay” stooded Up and Cheeeared!!!!! Thay thawted I done It “on” porpose! to Pro-tesst Trans Fobbier and Racism. The Prefester she sayed “This” “it is reel Socile Jutstus,, it Is “a” fanntastical Way Of saying Our hole no-good Stinkin Sosyetty IT IS LYKE TOETULLY BACKWURDS!!!””!!” And aslo she sayed Evvry Boddy thay shood doo it!!!

So awl the stoodints (exept me, i awlreddy done It) thay toock Off thare Cloathes and putt themb On Back-wirds!!!!! Thare was one Hater Biggit he woodnt do It,, he sayed It “was” Stopid, so sicks (%6) of us we beet himb Up!!! “That is watt Cumpelled Speach it is awl abuot!!”! sayed The Prefester!. She kikked himb too!!

Nhow we Are goingto go Owt and martch aru,ownd The Fowntin by The deen’s howse to Protesst for moar Transgenders in the Caffateeriah!!! I bet he Lissins to us nhow!!!!!!

How Do I Prove My ‘Commitment to Diversity’?

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Boy howdy! I want to be a janitor at East Washington University–but there’s a catch. They want me to submit a “Diversity Statement” and prove my commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Well, here’s my proof.

*I have Jane Fonda pinups all over my apartment.

*Somewhere I’ve got a bunch of Pete Seeger record albums.

*I have a Master’s degree in Nothing Studies.

*I was in a Black Lives Matter demonstration and threw a brick through a store window.

*My dog is named Che.

*I can wear a dress, if that’s what it takes to show my commitment to Transgender Rights.

*I once sent money to Planned Parenthood.

Well, East Washington? Do you want somebody whose mind is right sweeping the floors of your classrooms, or some MAGA White Supremacist Biggit? The choice is yours–and I am Pro-Choice, big-time!

[Disclaimer: I don’t know who wrote this, but he’s obviously on the right track.]

No ‘Commitment to Diversity’? No Job!

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What we’ll be when they get through with us

At Ohio State Looniversity, if you seek a job in computer engineering, architecture, or nuclear (!) engineering, you won’t be hired unless you submit a “diversity statement” that the looniversity finds acceptable (https://www.breitbart.com/education/2023/03/21/ohio-state-university-requires-diversity-statement-engineering-job-applicants/).

Oh, but that ain’t nothin’! At East Washington U., wherever that is, you’ve got to submit a Diversity Statement (yes, let’s use capital letters!) if you’re applying for one of the school’s “custodial positions.” You can’t even be a freakin’ janitor unless your politics is right!

In addition to your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, they also want you to “please provide specific examples” of your commitment to Far Left shibboleths. I wonder if they check to make sure you’re not lying. Stalin would have.

So… The electrical system shorts out and the whole place burns down… the computer system goes mad and makes all the money disappear… and there’s a slight cock-up on the nuclear engineering front and a mushroom cloud over Ohio… Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’re all right! We’ve got the Diversity Statements!

How is this even remotely permissible under the First Amendment? How is this not “compelled speech”? Where are the lawsuits, people? You need to bring this to a crashing halt!

Will we let these twerps devour our liberties? Will our own stupid colleges and looniversities do to us what the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Navy couldn’ do?

We really ought to be ashamed of tolerating this.

They Want Your Kids to Eat Bugs

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Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat! I keep on sending my kids to public schools because________.

And don’t ever think your school is a safe place for your kids because you live in a Red state–Utah, for instance. The same teachers’ unions, the same teachers’ colleges, the same Far Left wackos own public education in all 50 states.

In a Utah middle school this week, the, um, “teacher” got her kids to eat bugs (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/03/utah_kids_told_to_eat_bugs_to_save_the_earth_and_get_class_credit.html). Why? ‘Cause it’ll Save The Planet! And teacher will give you extra credit! And if you won’t do it… well, go ahead, make their day.

After chowing down on creepy-crawlies, Teacher had the kids write essays about why it’s so good to eat bugs. She told them what to write. All children were required to endorse bug-eating–no other opinion allowed.

Well, you’ve got to admit they’re learning something. “Welcome to your course in How To Knuckle Under To A Dictator!”

Is this more than just disgusting? Is it evil and perverse?

That’s public education!

‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’ (2018)

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Premier Justin Trudeau, believe it or not–party time

Years before it caught on in America, Canada brought “gender coaches” into elementary school classrooms to sell kids on the joys of aberrant sex. It seems Canada’s always slightly ahead of us when it comes to culture rot.

Watch Canada, Because We’re Next

A few years ago, Canada came up with two new schemes that must’ve had America’s Democrats drooling with envy. * Make support for abortion a condition for getting a summer job. *Give labor unions absolute power over who works and who doesn’t. These capers have worked out so well in Cuba! And North Korea! Really, what’s the point of even having a government if it can’t force people to violate their conscience?

Can They Make You Say Things You Don’t Believe?

The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political  convulsion | China | The Guardian

Are we still in America?

Sometimes you wonder, “Did I wake up in Red China today? Is the Soviet Union back in business?”

Virginia Tech has shelled out $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by one of its former soccer players… who was benched for NOT kneeling to show support for the Marxist/racialist hate group, Black Lives Matter (https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/kiersten-hening-virginia-tech-soccer/2023/01/09/id/1103642/).

A hundred thou is nice, but we’re disappointed the student didn’t follow up on her lawsuit and bring the case to court. The settlement allows the university to escape blame for any “wrongdoing”–to wit, violating the student’s civil rights by forcing her to make a political statement which went against her beliefs. 

The coach tried to compel speech from his players; he tried to put his words in their mouths. Compelled speech is unlawful. It is un-American. It does not belong here.

Both the university and the coach should have been forced to fess up to what they did and apologize; and the awarded damages should have been much more. What does Virginia Tech care for a hundred thousand bucks? It’s chicken feed.

And to hear them spin it, they got off scot-free, and “clear of any wrongdoing.” Which is most certainly not the case. But hypocrisy comes easy to these people.


World Cup Soccer: The Goal Is Propaganda


Well, well! Our U.S. World Cup Soccer team has redesigned its team crest “to show solidarity” with Organized Sodomy (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/us-team-redesigns-crest-lgbtq-rainbow-stripes-ahead-world-cup-qatar/). Seems you can’t play soccer anymore without shilling for LGBTQ+ etc.

Ironically, the matches will be held in Qatar, a Muslim nation in which no “gay rights” movement is allowed.

Is this our message to the world? What would happen if everybody opted for LBGTQ+? The human race would go extinct, wouldn’t it?

(Yeah, yeah–but our betters will simply load their minds and personalities onto a disc, plug it into an android, and be immortal! No next generation needed.)

Uh… What happens to “diversity” if one or more players don’t want to advertise for this political position? But we are forgetting that “diversity” means strictly enforced uniformity of thought.

Judge Rules: Baker Can’t Be Forced to Serve Same-Sex ‘Wedding’

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Libs think the First Amendment only applies to them–no one else.

Wonder of wonders! A superior court judge in California, of all places, has ruled that the state cannot force you to say and do things contrary to your religious beliefs.

I’m not linking to this news story, nor providing any proper names, lest some troll should see it and use the information to launch a campaign of harassment against the defendant or the judge. It’s too bad I have to do that, but that’s the age we’re living in and it won’t get better for as long as Democrats hold public office.

The judge ruled that creating a wedding cake is “artistic expression”–which of course it is–and that no one can be compelled to create a work of art for a same-sex “wedding.” The baker did refer the, uh, “couple” to another bakery, but that’s never good enough, is it? Once they’ve got your First Amendment rights in the crosshairs, the Far Left will always shoot.

Simply, the judge ruled (I repeat for the sake of clarity) that the state cannot force a person to create a piece of art against his or her will.

As a novelist, that’s a relief to me. I can easily imagine a writer being sued for not including “positive gay characters,” or whatever, in a story. Don’t laugh: they fired the creator of Midsomer Murders–and “investigated” him, as if he’d committed a crime!–for not including more “minority” characters in his screenplays.

There are a lot of people out there trying to erase our freedom. But at least one judge isn’t with them.

Aussie Rugby Team Forced to Wear ‘Gay Pride’ Jerseys

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The government doesn’t need to compel your speech if they can get your employer to do it for them.

Compelled speech–it’s the coming thing! Forcing people to take a stand for things they don’t believe in: what could be more Woke than that?

Some of the players on an Australian rugby team are objecting to management’s decision (for which players were not consulted–it would spoil the fun) that the team would wear “Gay Pride”-themed jerseys for an upcoming match (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-25/nrl-manly-facing-player-revolt-over-pride-jersey/101268552).

Australia, is this you? Is it really you?

It’s rumored that the objecting players may decide not to play. We’ll see. They don’t want “rainbow” logos on their jerseys; they don’t want to support something that they don’t believe in. Now it’s management’s move. How woke are they?

Let freedom ring. But there are a lot of leftids trying to silence it.