Aussie Rugby Team Forced to Wear ‘Gay Pride’ Jerseys

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The government doesn’t need to compel your speech if they can get your employer to do it for them.

Compelled speech–it’s the coming thing! Forcing people to take a stand for things they don’t believe in: what could be more Woke than that?

Some of the players on an Australian rugby team are objecting to management’s decision (for which players were not consulted–it would spoil the fun) that the team would wear “Gay Pride”-themed jerseys for an upcoming match (

Australia, is this you? Is it really you?

It’s rumored that the objecting players may decide not to play. We’ll see. They don’t want “rainbow” logos on their jerseys; they don’t want to support something that they don’t believe in. Now it’s management’s move. How woke are they?

Let freedom ring. But there are a lot of leftids trying to silence it.

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

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Not in California, baby!

If you can’t shut people up, the next best thing, maybe even the best thing, if you’re a dictator, is to compel them to say what you want them to say–or else. At the very least, you destroy their self-respect: makes it easier to control ’em.

And that brings us to California’s community colleges, where aspiring teachers are “required” (they love that word) to teach “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility,” and, of course, “anti-racism”–a euphemism for racism directed against white people (

“Faculty and staff shall (“shall” means “have to”) employ instructional practices and curriculum that reflect DEIA and anti-racism principles.” Oh! And they’ve also got to put “a social justice lens across all disciplines.”

See that? I found another public education outrage without having to look for it. Straight from the California Community College Administration. Every lesson in every subject is to be laced with Far Left Crazy dogma.

Is this blatantly unconstitutional? Or would you prefer “flagrantly”?

It’s “Red for Ed”! On steroids. And all on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

We are paying these people to assassinate our country.


Now I Hate Sports

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I can’t bring myself to illustrate this vileness. Here’s a nice rock hyrax instead.

I learned early on that sports do not build character. They just bring out whatever character is there. That’s what’s wrong with them.

So the other night at the ol’ ballpark was “Pride” Night, the night when normal people are expected to “celebrate” other people’s aberrant sexual practices. As in celebrate or else.

Five Tampa Bay Rays players removed the “Pride” logo from their caps and jerseys–because they didn’t want to be giving their support to something that they firmly believe to be a sin. Their gesture was performed almost apologetically. Like, “Oh, we’re sorry we can’t join in this celebration, it’s like not for us, but we love you guys and you’re really super wonderful people…” yatta-yatta.

They could’ve saved their breath. They got ripped as biggits anyway. All that backing and filling couldn’t save them.

ESPN the Far Left sports network brought on some dindle named Sarah Gesundheit or whatever it was ( And of course she called the players biggits for not allowing themselves to be drafted by the “Pride” crowd.

“Pride is about inclusion,” she babbled, “so you don’t love them [sodomites] and you don’t welcome them if you’re not willing to wear the patch.” She also described the Christian religion as “B.S.” If you’re subscribed to ESPN, shame on you.

They also like to say that all this moral chaos is about “just being yourself.” Well, how the devil can you ‘be yourself’ if they can force you to embrace something that you absolutely don’t believe in? Somehow it’s “hate” if it’s done to them and “social justice” if it’s done to us.

You used to be able to watch a ballgame and unwind. Now when you go to watch a game, they wind you up. You have to listen to some schiff-head nag you about “Pride.” Take pride in things that are shameful. Or else yer a biggit!. Maybe every now and then they’ll get around to baseball.

There can’t be two supreme moral codes in one nation. One or the other must prevail.

“As for me and my house,” Joshua said, “we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). Forget the backing and filling. It won’t do you any good.

Can They Force You to Say Things That Violate Your Conscience?

to put words in(to) someone's mouth

Colorado’s at it again, wiping out civil liberties because those are not as important as… “gay marriage.” This time the target is a web designer who says she can’t design wedding pages for same-sex faux “marriages”–even though she hasn’t yet actually designed any wedding pages (

This is Colorado’s “Anti-Discrimination Act,” last heard from when these tinpot tyrants spent years trying to force a Christian baker to design cakes for same-sex parodies of weddings. What they want is the power to put words in your mouth: compelled speech. This is a pre-emptive strike against a citizen and her religious liberties.

If they can get away with that, then there is no First Amendment anymore. And where will they stop–with lions in the arena?

So this case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we’ll see if the judges are at all serious about protecting our liberties.

P.S.–Well, that report left a bad taste in my mouth! I think when I get back from the store I’ll try try an Oy, Rodney episode. And then try to work on my book.

U. of Oklahoma: Only One Way to Think

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Are we in China?

As part of mandatory “diversity training” (barf bag, please), students at the University of Oklahoma are compelled to say what the “trainers” want them to say, in order to complete the course ( For instance, your responses to questions must show total approval of all things “transgender.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has tried to reach a compromise by asking the looniversity to make the program optional instead of compulsory–well, you can guess how far they’ve gotten with that. The villains have rejected any compromise; so probably the only way to restore a semblance of liberty to the campus is to win a lawsuit.

Where is it written that as soon as you enroll in college, you lose your First Amendment rights? All of a sudden they can compel you to say what they want to hear? As if you were a parrot?

And I hope this puts to rest the idea that just because your school is located in a Red state, it’s immune to Far Left Crazy.

Defund the universities.

And stop sending your kids there to have their brains sucked out.

P.S.–More key words: Shameful. Degrading. Insulting. Oppressive. Evil. Stupid.

Court: You Can’t Force People to Say Stupid Stuff

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The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a university cannot force a professor (or anyone else) to address a so-called “transgender” student by a “preferred pronoun”–that is, they can’t make you call a girl “mister” just because she insists she’s a man (

Which was what Shawnee State Looniversity tried to do to a philosophy professor: knuckle under or lose your job. They got it past a district court, but the Sixth Circuit reversed that ruling.

I mean, really–what value has the First Amendment if they can make you say things you believe to be not only untrue, but wicked according to your religion? Whose idea of “freedom” is that? [Hint: a liberal’s.]

So now the professor can sue Shawnee State for damages, and let’s pray he sets them back a bundle. Because this must stop.

What else are they going to try to make you say, once they’ve got the “trans” nailed down? They heap abomination on top of abomination, and still expect to prosper.

But I don’t call losing our freedom (to say nothing of our dignity!) prospering.

Yiu Has To Maik Peeple Say Rihght Things!!!

The Blanquist: On Grover Furr and the Moscow Trials

Yiu know,, i nevver Useta think Histry it was “good” “for” anny thing butt nhow I “know” Bettur!!! Heer at Collidge we has jist figgred Out “that” it aynt Enugh to Not Alouw Hat Speach–yiu has to maik peeple say The Rihght Things eevin iff “thay” doughnt Want To!!!!

Thay had tryals in Russha a fiew Yeers Agoe and maid Evvry boddy admitt “that” thay done all Bad Things evin thoehgh thay Didnt and gess watt?? Peeple didnt Dare “say” Bad Things no moar!!! And lyfe in Russha it was byootafull!!!!!

Wel we cood D”o” that heer coodnt we!?! Maik peeple has to say Good Things!! We gotted The Idear fromb Younavercitty of Illannnoy,, thay maid “alll” the Conserfatiff Bad Peeple say thay luv Blaque Lyves Mater and iff thay didnt Say “it” thay wood get Expellt!!!!!!!! Thay aslo maid themb Say Amairaca it is No Good and Racist—wel that reely ficksted themb!!!!!

So heer at our Collidge fromb nhow On “we” are goingto Maik evry boddy say All The Things we “say” “In” the Stoodint Soviet and iff thay woont say “themb” thenn thay whill has to be in Censativvaty Traning and then get Kickked Out “of” collidge fore Goo”d”!! And affter a wile thay “wil” Get Useto saying Alll “thoze” things and thay whil jist say themb “all The time” whith-Out evin thincking abuot it and at Collidge it wil Be jist as Nice as The Soviet Yunion!!!!

Fihght Fobo-Fobiah!

See the source image

I amb hear to-day to tell yiu abote “a new” promble that enfects Socile Jutstus Wirers! it is caled Fobo-Fobiah and “it” meens “”Feer of Al Them Fobiahs” that Biggits got like Homo Fobiah and Trans Fobiah and Xena Fobiah and aslo Islomb-O-Fobiah!!

if yiu “has” Fobo-Fobiah it meens yiu “Are Affrayed” of al them Biggits so bad yiu Cant do nothing!! Evin playing with Playdoh it dosnt help! Yiu jist “Sort Of” crumbble up “in” a balll and wine al the Time!! This moning wee heared a lexture Abote “it” frumb one of the prefessers he is in Auntyfa so he “had” a Massk on and i wuld “ware” a maks too Only it “herts” my Moth Antenners wen i pul “it Down” over my fase and thay “get” Al Bent Up!!!

And So wee “now” deemand the Collidge thay Give Us spatial treetmint to Combatt that thare Fobo-Fobiah so we can “Keep On” being Socile Jutstus Wirers and Not jist wine al day And nihght!!! This hear Prefesser he sayed We Wont “rest untill” evry Stodent hear sines A Plejj that Xe wil alyaws Be a Socile Jutstus Wirer and ennyboddy who wont sine it And Say It! in frunt of evryboddy thay wil be lockeded Up and has Sensertivvity Traning untill thay do!!

Like the prefesser sayed It “is The” deuty of all Collidges and Unaverstyes to trane Socile Jutstus Wirers to leed The Revilutoin and aslo Fudnementerly Trans-Formb Amaricka!!!!

Canada’s War on Free Speech

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Coming to Canada–Maoism!

As revelations of the deep corruption in our own government continue to pile up, too fast for me to track, Canada is ramping up its campaign to erase free speech. An article in Crisis Magazine makes for chilling reading (

The Ontario Bar Assn. is now demanding compelled speech–things you must say, whether you believe in them or not, if you want to practice law. They’ll even provide you with a “template” to follow, so that you can sign your name to the kind of “statement of principles” that they require. In true Great Cultural Revolution style, signers must admit to “unconscious bias.” One wonder how anyone’s self-respect can survive this.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the orcs from OHRC, demand “compelled usage of non-gendered pronouns” at all the universities, so as to avoid any “mental pain” on the part of “transgendered persons”–which is equated with “violence.”

Don’t bother to sneer at Canada. Leftids in our country toil ceaselessly to do the same to us in the United States: and what’s more, they’re doing it. Wait’ll the Supreme Court rules you have to take part in a “gay wedding” even if it violates your religious beliefs. Wait’ll they start dictating the content of all kinds of works of art, not just one-of-a-kind wedding cakes.

These indignities are imposed on us by persons who see themselves as gods.

May the Lord our God deliver us out of their hands, and give us strength and courage to resist them. And defeat them.