My Newswithviews Column, Dec 14 (‘When Ninnies Rule’)

It’s a dreadful thing to think of, that a city could consent to be governed by the likes of these idiots, and that parents could consent to have their children “educated” by even bigger idiots.

2 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Dec 14 (‘When Ninnies Rule’)

  1. When going out west to Shangri-La we always make sure to avoid the glorious people’s republik of Minnesota.
    The satanic commie death cult known as liberalism won’t stop until America makes Venezuela look like a Sunday afternoon in the park.
    When you ask then what after you destroy America to a true believer they have a blank look on their face because they can only destroy and never create.
    They truly believe that the obsolete from the start philosophy of a 19th century German bum will result in a utopia on earth.
    The J’accuse hysteria is meant to take out Trump and destroy normal relationships between men and women as part of the Bolshevik march through the institutions.
    Do the people in Eastern Kentucky working in coal mines have white privilege? (rhetorical)

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