‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ (Fountainview)

That’s a pretty nice natural amphitheater God set up for them, isn’t it?

The kids at Fountainview Academy perform Gloria in excelsis Deo, “Glory to God in the Highest.”

Lord, grant this Christmas season of 2017 great power to draw all hearts to Jesus Christ, our rightful King and Savior: amen.

2 comments on “‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ (Fountainview)

  1. These kids are amazing. And their school — at least what I’ve seen of it on their web site — looks amazing, too. It may not be for everyone, but it’s pretty inspiring.

  2. If we could get our Christian kids out of the gov’t school system and into Christian schools that can produce young people like these, we could have more hope for America’s future.

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