No More Moa

I first read about the giant moa birds of New Zealand when I was seven or eight years old and had no idea where New Zealand was and couldn’t quite understand the word “extinct.” They’ve fascinated me ever since.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, along with 11-foot-tall, 600-pound flightless birds–a lot bigger than the ostrich. They lived all over New Zealand until people arrived a few centuries ago and wiped them out. By the time the first Europeans reached New Zealand, there were no more moas. It’s really hard for flightless birds to defend themselves against human hunters armed with spears and bows and arrows.

It’s sad enough that animals do go extinct. What wouldn’t I give to see a live Baluchitherium! But when people drive them extinct, that’s worse. I can’t believe it pleases God when we do that.

Some scientists think they can bring the moa back through cloning: there are remains that have yielded moa DNA. I’ll believe it when I see it. I would rather than they bring back decency–wouldn’t you?

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  1. Amazing! Every animal, even those we find unpleasant, has its purpose and it’s dignity. None are made in God’s image, but they reveal His nature to us. We should respect all creatures, because they were put here by our Creator. I understand hunting to provide food. I don’t find it pleasant, but I understand the need. Every one of us got here because at some point our ancestors hunted tomsustwin themselves. But the life of any animal is still quite valuable. I believe it’s very important to respect the lives of all living creatures.

    Mostly, however, I look forward to the Restitution of all Things and the day when animals will no longer suffer the consequences of man’s fallen state.

    Heavenly Father: Thank You for you wonderous provisions and the love you’ve shown in creating all things, and specifically the animal realm which provides us with so many rich blessings. Thank You for the gift of domestic animals which are the source of so much love and affection. Thank You that you’ve given us animals to care for and especially the benefits that brings to children as they learn to care for others, unselfishly.

    Please continue to bless all of us and our beloved animals and thank You for the many times you have done this in the past.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen

  2. The Māori must have been prolific hunters since there appears to be quite a few animals that have become extinct because of them. And here I thought only evil white men made things go extinct.

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