He’s Just a Kittens’ Playground

Who needs a sliding board, swings, or see-saw  when you’ve got a big, cozy dog who’s trying to take a nap? He’s all-purpose playground equipment.

Oh, well, puppies will do the same thing to a prone human being.

5 comments on “He’s Just a Kittens’ Playground

    1. He was obviously a very good boy to tolerate that so gently. It’s a beautiful scene.

      The cockatiel is pretty amazing. He really nailed that ringtone. I’ve copied some songs by ear in my day and it isn’t exactly as easy as falling off a log. In order to do that, somewhere inside that “bird brain” there has to be an understanding of scales, etc. I’m not suggesting that the bird knows that it’s singing in a certain key, but it has to sense the orderliness of a scale in order to be able to imitate the song.

      Of course all of this happened by blind, evolutionary chance. Right! Sure! 🙂

    2. Some birds have a brain-to-body ratio almost as high as that of humans. It’s supposed to reflect a capacity for high intelligence.

      Although Al Franken et al would be indications that it reflects nothing at all.

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