Feminist Kook Attacks Nativity Scene

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Let’s see… which disgusting news story should I cover this morning? Little fake willies for “trans kids”? Nah. That’s too disgusting. The latest “proof” of Climbit Change, and hand over all yo’ money and sign over all yo’ freedom or else you’re all gonna die? Nah.

Meanwhile, at St. Peter’s Square in Rome, a crazed topless feminist from the Ukrainian nut squad “Femen” tried to snatch the baby out of the Vatican’s Nativity scene, but was stopped by guards (https://ca.news.yahoo.com/topless-femen-activist-tries-snatch-jesus-statue-vatican-142152293.html). The loon repeatedly shouted the slogan “God is woman!”, which she also had scrawled on her back. Femen, she declared, seeks “complete victory over patriarchy.”

Honk if you like feminism.

Of course, all these weird news items are interrelated, all part of the same thing: trying to base a whole culture on pure Godlessness, and then watching it melt down into chaos. This pleases Satan.

They’d crucify Jesus again, if they could.

But when he comes again, it won’t be for a second crucifixion.

He will come as a purifying wind, and there will be none of this stuff left. Forever.

4 comments on “Feminist Kook Attacks Nativity Scene

  1. I read where she did this stunt while topless. I guess going topless adds to the power of her statement. The Bible says God made woman is His image also. What a day it will be when people get over themselves and into Christ for eternity.

  2. The silver lining is it was one lone FemiNazi. I can’t imagine someone who does something like this, especially on Christmas, is a happy person.

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