The American Lion

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It’s snowing today, and we still have our Christmas tree–hooray!

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with another one of those cool Ice Age mammals that aren’t here anymore–the American Lion, Panthera leo atrox, the biggest member of the cat family ever to walk the earth. It was very similar to today’s African and Indian lions, only bigger. A lot bigger.

Why did it go extinct? Nobody knows, really. You’d think it could’ve gotten by, preying on elk and bison and other big game. God does things with His creation that we still don’t understand. Maybe He has stored them somewhere else. Maybe, when He restores all things, He’ll bring back the American lion.

5 comments on “The American Lion

  1. I chased one o’ them outta my backyard just yesterday. I wouldn’t mind them, but they try to eat my pet Elk and Bison and I have to draw the lion (SIC) somewhere. 🙂

    Seriously, I didn’t know about these at all. To the best of my knowledge, the largest contemporary feline is the Liger, a hybrid of a Lion father and a Tiger mother. I know that they get pretty large and are known to be docile. Reverse the parenthood and you get a Tigon which is smaller and somewhat aggressive in nature.

    I don’t believe for a moment that anything is truly lost of our Father’s creations. He can bring them back when the time is right.

    1. Well, really, I wasn’t counting ligers and tiglons. I’ve seen pictures of the liger. Wow! Maybe I ought to try to post one.

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