High-Octane Kittens

Watch these kittens–what would you give, for that much energy? And notice that someone has wisely set up an enclosure wherein they can frolic to their hearts’ content, without getting into mischief. No climbing on top of the refrigerator somehow, crawling into the bad containing Daddy’s ice cream machine, and bringing the whole bally thing to the floor with a crash. No burrowing into the box springs. Oy, what could’ve gone wrong!

7 comments on “High-Octane Kittens

  1. One of them almost made it out of the enclosure. Give them another month or two, and there’ll be no holding them! 🙂

    1. It’s a form of exercise and prepares them for more serious situations when they grow up. When they’re little like this, I don’t think that they have much in the way of intentions, they live in the moment and chase anything that moves.

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