Let’s Play Blather Bingo!

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[Disclaimer: This idea is not original with me. I heard it many years ago on a Christian radio show, to which I’d give full credit if I could remember its name. Back then, they were calling it “Drivel Bingo,” and applying it to language mostly used in business meetings.]

*Sigh* Not much happening here today, viewership-wise: so let’s play Blather Bingo.

All you need is a Blather Bingo card, which you can make yourself, and a tedious speaker or writer who is spouting liberal blather.

Fill the spaces on your card with words like Inclusive, Microaggression, Diversity, Tolerance, Accepting, Affirming, Gender, Self-Identify, etc.–all that meaningless blather which Intellectuals and other leftids employ to make people think they know what they’re talking about and are just too smart to be understood by any normal person. Then sit back and listen, and whenever you hear one of those words, draw an X over it. As in regular Bingo, when you get a straight line of X’s, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, you’ve won! Jump up and yell “Blather Bingo!”

This will help you get through whatever liberal pap you’re trying to endure, and will at least make the time pass less slowly. Play it while you’re watching nooze on CNN, MSNBC, or any other outlet set up by the blather industry.

4 comments on “Let’s Play Blather Bingo!

  1. This looks like it would be fun to do. Do you have an example of what a blather bingo card should look like? I had to look up the word, blather, for my husband who never heard it used before in any conversation.

  2. At one professional conference I went to (an interdisciplinary Renaissance one, by the way), I was getting irritated by hearing the reader of a paper use the words “patriarchy” and “patriarchal” over and over. So at the 8-minute mark of a 20-minute paper, I began making tick marks every time I heard one of those words. By the end, I’d made 24 tick marks — that’s a “patriarchy” every 30 seconds.

    Too bad I’m retired now and don’t go to professional conferences any more or read the bilge that passes for scholarship these days. It would be great fun to play blather bingo with multiple words, except that one “X” wouldn’t suffice; I’d have to make the goal five tick marks before a wordblock could be Xed out.

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