This Girl’s Rooster Loves Her

In case you missed it when Linda sent it in this morning, here’s the girl whose pet rooster loves her so much, he races up the trail to meet her when she comes off the school bus. Look at him go!

Go ahead–tell us it’s just evolution at work, through chance.

11 comments on “This Girl’s Rooster Loves Her

  1. I love this one. It shows that even chickens have different personalities.
    When our sons were young, we owned a ranch, and had a flock of chickens as well as cattle. There were two roosters in the flock. One tried to attack the younger boy, the other liked to hang out with him.

  2. This warmed my heart. My cat used to meet me at the bus stop, run up the front of me and drape himself across my shoulders for the walk home. If memory serves, I believe Patty had a cat who did the same thing. But a rooster? How great is our God! “)

  3. Oh, yes, Linda, I remember when I was in high school and walked home,
    my cat would do that very same thing. He would sometimes walk almost half way there to meet me.

    1. This world – especially these days – would be worse than intolerable without our animal friends. But then, I’m pretty sure Father knew that 🙂

  4. When I see things like these, I am repeatedly struck by the guilessness of animals. This rooster didn’t care about what any observer would think, it just wanted to greet its favorite human. We see this all the time in animal videos, animals doing what they feel they need to do with no concern about hiding their intentions and motives. Humans could take a lesson from this.

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