Memory Lane: A Place, and Horseshoe Crabs

I couldn’t find a video that quite captures what I want to write about. So imagine these horseshoe crabs, only now it’s night-time, under a glorious full moon with no other light for miles around. And the horseshoe crabs are coming into the shallow water to mate and lay their eggs.

Years and years ago, Patty and I used to go to Long Beach Island in the spring, for weekends. We liked to fish by night, along the rim of a shallow cove in Barnegat Bay. On a few of those nights, the horseshoe crabs came in, silent and graceful, with only the faintest ripple of the water in the faintest breeze. We felt as if we were seeing something God ordained before He shaped Adam out of the dust of the earth. Something, maybe, that was old in Heaven before it was ever known on earth.

It’s all gone now. They filled in the little cove and built three-story condos on top of it, and the whole place is lit by floodlights all night long. There’s no hint that the little cove ever existed. And you can’t see the starlight on the water anymore. The floodlights drown it out. Maybe there never was any starlight, either. Maybe we dreamed it.

But if we did, the dream beats the stuffing out of condos and floodlights.

8 comments on “Memory Lane: A Place, and Horseshoe Crabs

  1. Development sure seems to be haphazard at best. They don’t seem to care about what they destroy along the way. I’m no tree hugger, by any means, but I wish that people would choose their living spaces in a way that accounts for nature’s needs.

    1. This is New Jersey, and all this filling in and paving over is done by **Democrats** who babble incessantly about “the environment.” They see a square foot of woodland, and it’s gone in the blink of an eye. You should see the disgusting mess they’ve made of this once-beautiful state.

    1. As with most memories, the best part is having been able to share it with someone as special as the memory..

  2. In So. California you can watch the running of the grunion – it is quite amazing. They even have a calendar that foretells the dates and times this will happen in 2018. At Newport & Huntington Beaches, the developments are set back from the ocean – someone with brains planned ahead.

    1. I’d love to see that! Wish we had it in New Jersey. Although if we did, Democrats would find some way to replace it with a strip mall.

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