Are You a Leftid?

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You don’t have to don a mask and join Antifa, and break windows and set fires, to be a leftid. As Tug McGraw once said, you just gotta believe.

So here’s a simple little test. If you subscribe to five of the six leftid precepts below, you’re one of the bad guys.

*There is no God.

*Between them, Science and the State can do all those things that God ought to do, and there will be paradise on earth.

*There is no objective truth. There are only “constructs” that prevail, and “constructs” that don’t.

*Man is perfectible by man. All it takes is the right amount and proper application of raw power/education/indoctrination/violence/terror/coercion/taxation/lavishly-funded government bureaucracies (pick one or more).

*Communism/socialism really works just fine, if we only give it a chance.

*America is worse than all, or almost all, the other countries in the world.

If it turns out you are a leftid–well, it’s never too late to repent.

10 comments on “Are You a Leftid?

  1. And this is your knowledgeable, intellectual, and politically defined definition of whatever a “leftid” means in your conservative life that provides warm fuzzies to your readers?? I would have thought you’d at least tried to define in some Merriam-Webster or Wiki way what the hell you perceive a “leftid” to be. I might actually be interested myself.
    But what you list here is just bias gibberish.
    Give me a sensible definition and and example (a breathing person) to illustrate… and I might be interested.
    Would this be the definition of some far left radical liberal.. or liberals in general?

  2. Rather than enter that fray, I’ll just sit here and remain a Bible-believing, God-loving, God-fearing Christian conservative.

  3. One’s views about God has a huge effect upon on one’s worldview, especially their political beliefs. When Christianity came upon the scene it was revolutionary in that it took the focus away from the political leader, who was often deified, and put it back on God as the supreme authority. It was a paradigm shift in how we relate to the government. In the absence of a belief in God people will either revert to worshipping the state, worshiping nature, or a combination of the two. That is why it is no coincidence that most Conservatives generally believe in God and also believe in limited government, while most on the left are generally atheists who believe government can solve everything.

    1. Great point Watchman! These days, I see the issues as being more about attitudes towards God than a matter of political philosophy.

  4. I love your list, Lee. Doesn’t DougLite know you are being sarcastic? No sense of humor?
    Ben Shapiro defines a Leftid as someone who agrees with the Democratic Platform, and a Liberal as someone who votes Democrat but doesn’t know what the Democratic Platform says.

    1. I generally can perceive sarcasm.. but from Lee it’s generally not distinguishable.
      By the way.. I would tend to agree with Shapiro, as long at the definition of a “right-tid” is the reverse definition.
      But.. at the end of the day.. who cares?

    2. I am at a loss to speculate as to which of those six leftid precepts can’t be taken literally. Most of them are down in black and white in Humanist Manifesto II. And ask Phoebe if I’m whistling Dixie about what they teach in our collidges.

  5. “Man is perfectible by man. All it takes is the right amount and proper application of raw power…” Oh oh! The leftards with “raw power” in the “right amount” did indeed make the “perfectible” man. Just ask them and they’ll tell who that is. They will also tell you that the rest of us have “fallen short of the grace” of their perfect man. It’s the new “replacement theory” –
    man for God. The feminists are only too happy to describe him. So does the fact that I agree it’s a fact make me a leftid? If so, shoot me now.

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