Scientific Study (LOL) Says Conservatives are Better-Looking then Liberals

Even in 1952, Science had the answers

Hey! No nasty cracks about Maxine Waters or Michael Moore!

A “scientific study”–please remember that Science has all the answers–finds that conservatives tend to be physically more beautiful than liberals ( “Numerous studies have shown that Colgate is an effective decay-preventive dentifrice–” oops! Wrong study.

“Numerous studies have shown that good-looking people are more likely to earn more, and that people who earn more are typically more opposed to redistribution policies, like the progressive taxes and welfare programs favored by the left.” Boooo! Hiss! Good-looking people are just naturally mean and selfish! Ugly people are so much nicer. Just ask any scientist.

Other “numerous studies” find that “the more attractive people believe themselves to be, the lower their preference for egalitarianism, a value typically associated with the political left.” How selfish can you get! Imagine, not wanting to punish someone for working hard and achieving something by grabbing his money and doling it out to ne’er-do-wells who sit around and play video games all day–but keeping most of it for the government.

Sorry: but to me, “egalitarianism,” at least when promoted by leftids, looks a lot like envy. It looks like one crab trying to climb out of the  basket and the others pulling him back.

The Washington Post concludes, “[L]ife is easier for those who have won the genetic lottery.”

But see, that’s why we need an all-powerful government with huge bureaucracies, so they can make everybody like totally equal and identical despite life’s lottery, because the genetic lottery isn’t fair, goldarnit,  and yeah, sure, they’ll have to break a few hundred million eggs as they try to make the omelet… but it’s gonna turn out fantastically great like we can’t even describe to you, so please just take Comrade Schumer’s word for it–”

I know some of you out there believe this bilge.

And shame on you.

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