Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed

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This whopper comes to us from The Sun, via the Drudge Report: once upon a time, about a hundred years ago, says a primatologist named Gallup, a Florida research center artificially inseminated a woman with chimpanzee sperm, resulting in the birth of a “humanzee” ( The baby was soon put to death out of “moral and ethical considerations.”

Uh, I find this, like, totally impossible to believe. No wonder people don’t trust the nooze media anymore. I am not able to say it’s physically impossible to somehow come up with an ape&human hybrid. But I am saying it’s impossible for something like this to happen and not be followed by a nice, juicy lawsuit.

Prof Gallup says humans can be hybridized with any and all the great apes–gorilla, orang-utan, chimpanzee, and gibbon. He has left it to our imaginations, what use there might be for a human-gibbon hybrid. Or why anyone who was not hopping-up-and-down loco would want to do this in the first place.

This story comes to us via Gallup’s recollections of some old guy’s reminiscences of an “experiment” done around 1920 for no apparent or even imaginable reason. It has been given prominent play on Drudge, and I cringe to think how many readers may have believed it.

Which is not to say there are not some nutty “scientists” out there who are actually trying to create human/animal hybrids. I’d be astonished if there weren’t. Although why they’d go to the trouble, when all anybody has to do anymore is “self-identify” as whatever, is another matter that eludes speculation.

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2 responses to “Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed

  • UnKnowable

    Unbelievable! These sorts of frauds seem to come along every so often. I don’t, for one second, believe that it can be done so easily as they claim, if indeed it can be done at all. It certainly breaks all the genetic rules I was taught, back when schools were about actually learning and not just the appearance of learning.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    I don’t know why Drudge puts these weirdo stories on his page – I guess it is to lure in the liberals who will believe anything, like Trump & Nicky Hailey are having an affair in the White House. It’s for sure the Dems in the House don’t want to believe the DOJ &FBI manipulated their investigations to help Hillary in her bid for the Presidency because most of them refused to even read the ‘Memo” that soon will be released to the public to read.


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