Now They’re Hating Churchill

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A Churchill-themed coffee shop, the Blighty Cafe in Finsbury Park, has been attacked by “Social Justice” protesters who, like their American counterparts, make war on the dead and try to wipe out history (

Fact: Had Winston Churchill not been available to Britain for World War II, there would now be Hitler-themed coffee shops in Britain.

The “protest” was led by some yo-yo who is president of Equality and Liberation at the School of African Studies, London University. She and her 13 followers showed up with scripts, in case they forgot what they were supposed to say. One thing they did say was, “You will never make colonialism palatable.”

Er, excuse me for pointing this out, but the only colonialism seen in Britain nowadays is these self-anointed Social Justice Warriors from foreign countries colonizing Britain.

The owner of the shop invited these idiots “to discuss their concerns” over coffee, but they opted for vandalism and intimidation instead. As usual.

Fact: It was Winston Churchill, standing alone against a ruling class that had surrender to the Nazis on their minds, who saved Britain–and likely all of Europe–from being conquered by Adolf Hitler and his war machine. With Britain occupied or remote-controlled by the Third Reich, there would have been no base for American troops, no D-Day invasion, no reconquest of North Africa… and not much freedom for anyone left around today.

Leftids don’t believe there is anything good about anyone but themselves: and certainly not about anything that ever existed before they came along. They are, quite simply, nihilists. They have nothing to offer.

Britain needs another Churchill, and needs him now.

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9 responses to “Now They’re Hating Churchill

  • UnKnowable

    It’s amazing that anyone could think that Britain would be better off had Churchill not been in the picture. As much as any single person could be, he deserves credit for the freedoms of the Western World. Of course, many fine, brave young men made sacrifices along the way and every one of them deserves our undying respect, but Churchill led the way and during the Battle of Britain, he wasn’t in some bunker hiding out, he was out on the rooftops, as exposed as any other citizen on the ground. He felt that he was protected, and I’m not about to question it.

    I have to wonder what all these SJWs think life would be like for them if the Nazis had won WW II.


  • Watchman

    Wow, 14 whole protesters. Color me not impressed. Most “normal” people would not care about this, but leftists are obsessed with the past. They claim to be “progressive”, but they are always looking back. And if it doesn’t line up with their worldview, they want to remove it as if it never happened.

    Colonialism wasn’t all bad, and those under British rule generally fared the best. It brought civilization, Western medicine, and law to the uncivilized world. India still uses the Brittish system of law even though they are no longer under Brittish rule. They helped build infrastructure and put an end to barbaric practices like widow burning in India, feet binding in China, and human sacrifices in the Americas. The biggest tale tell are countries that have never been colonized like Saudi Arabia and Iran, but remain the least moderate. Up and until recently women could not even drive in Saudi Arabia, but I bet they were not protesting about that.

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    • UnKnowable

      I certainly would not deny that there were abuses in the colonial era. But there were many bright spots. Slavery in the Americas was fought starting almost as soon as the US became an independent country. It took many years to finish the job, many years and untold sacrifice. For many years after the Civil War, veterans with missing limbs were a common site an the US. That was ended in 1864, but the costs continued for long afterward.

      Sometimes, I get the strong impression that people such as these protestors have not a clue as to the nature of the world in the past. It wasn’t Idyllic, by any means. People worked hard and many died at a relatively early age. Much of what happened in the past would be considered inhumane in our day. If some of these people were transported back to even WW II, they would be appalled at how hard life was.


      • Watchman

        No doubt. They don’t realize how good they have it because they never really had any hardships. They certainly wouldn’t have had time for social activism because they would be too busy trying to survive. Most liberal ideals can only exist within the confines of modern civilization. It could not survive outside of it, no less be tolerated. Imagine trying these shenanigans with the Vikings.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    “Er, excuse me for pointing this out, but the only colonialism seen in Britain nowadays is these self-anointed Social Justice Warriors from foreign countries colonizing Britain.”
    Isn’t that the truth as we witness it before our very eyes.
    Meanwhile, back in the U.S.A., Michael Moore holds a rally in NYC calling for the removal of that part of society that elected Donald trump President. This guy and his ilk are calling for armed violence against traditional Americans. Maybe it is time to stock up on guns and ammo.


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