‘Bible Study Without the Bible’ (2015)

When the new ministerette at the church I don’t go to anymore told me that adultery was “no big deal,” because the real thing Christians have to watch out for is “Bibliolatry”–the folly of taking the Bible seriously–it left me speechless.

Well, here are some Christians who won’t be falling into that trap anytime soon…


4 comments on “‘Bible Study Without the Bible’ (2015)

  1. Lee, I grieve in my spirit over this sort of thing. The Bible is the main way that God communicates with His children. I’ve been planning on starting a young women’s bible study that focuses on learning how to study the Bible, getting familiar with concordances, bible dictionaries, different translations, and so on. I want to teach them as Soldiers of the Cross how to use the Sword of the Spirit, how to hone It in our lives so that they are prepared and at the ready for battle. When I was a new believer in the Philadelphia Jesus People, I was blessed (we all were, in fact) to have as pastor, Carl Stanard, a self-motivated forever student of the Bible who encouraged all of us to study, study, study the Bible. I’m grateful for that encouragement and have benefited much from it down through the years.

    1. I think my most prized possession, and the one I use every day, is the Bible we were given in Sunday school in 1958. But of course the true prize is what’s inside of it. To think that God Himself would ever speak to us! I’m not sure enough people realize how wonderful that is.

    2. I think you’re right about people not appreciating what God has done by giving us His very own Word. I read somewhere once about how different the Hebrew God was from all other gods. He is the only God Who not only makes promises to his people but keeps them as well. This I read in of all places the Nat’l Geographic mag, an issue from way back – I have several hundred copies of the magazine.

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