Canada Again (*sigh*)

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Justin Trudeau… the poor man’s Fabio

When they’re not busy banning numerals, tossing people into prison for using the wrong pronoun, or trying to resurrect the dreadful Section 13 of the infamous Human Rights Act, Canadians occupy themselves by electing stooges like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to represent them to the world.

At a recent town hall in Edmonton, Trudeau impressed the dickens out of liberals everywhere by gently chiding a woman for her use of the word “mankind.”

“We like to say ‘peoplekind,'” babbled the P.M., “not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive” (–and you just gained two squares on your Blather Bingo card.

Alas, poor Trudeau fell headfirst into the new feminist taboo against “mansplaining,” a feminist dogma that makes it an offense for a man to impart any information to a woman.

We have been unable to confirm reports that Trudeau is secretly “transitioning” into a woman to solidify his popularity among feminists. This would also allow him to answer a woman’s question without giving offense. Remember, “The future is female!” No more men! That’ll solve all the world’s prombles!

If it doesn’t, it’ll be interesting to see who feminists blame for that.

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  1. I don’t think Trudeau should have to worry about anyone confusing him with a man.

    “political correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners” -George Carlin

  2. Canada’s Trudeau is the one who paid tribute to Fidel Castro upon his death by proclaiming Castro “remarkable” and a “larger than life leader who served his people.” Anyone see red flags?

    1. The same thing that possessed the French to elect Macron. I’ll leave the adjectives up to you, as I love your way with words.

    2. They elected that smarmy cipher because their nooze media kept telling them he was a nice cozy comfy moderate who’d never rock the boat; and meanwhile they vilified Marine Le Pen for wanting to save the country.

    3. lol – thank you, so true. This was at the same time Americans were catching on to the fakestream “nooze” media. Canadians weren’t paying attention. I’d say exposing our media exposing themselves is Trump’s greatest achievement, i’ve noticed the enlightened change in people’s comments on various websites. Most of us have indeed woken (woken?) up. As a whole, we just haven’t gotten out of bed yet to do enough about it.

  3. Not only the Canadians not paying attention. Many thousands of South Africans leave here to go live in Canada, because apparently it is such a nice/free/safe country, everything works, bla bla bla. I read these things and I wonder – do they not read or think, can they not see what is coming? Or are they so happy to have been able to leave SA that they don’t care that they are submitting themselves and their children to a PC police-state-in-the-making?

  4. Well, it seems Mr Trudeau got one thing right – he spoke of “peoplekind” whereas I thought “humankind” would be better. Why, silly me! I just read an article, umm opinion piece, based on the tragic brutal murder of a young girl in a small rural town here in SA. The article is actually about the oppression of black and brown women, which may be a valid issue, but is full of Blather Bingo terms. But… the 2 writers, obviously feminists, cannot even bring themselves to write the officially acknowledged good English words “woman” or “women”, but used “womxn” instead. (How do you even pronounce that?!) Because that would have them actually use the words “man” and “men”. Words actually threaten to fail me, but what I do see is that, in their twisted world, it would probably also be offensive/oppressive to use these words: human, humankind, female.

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