‘A Tossed Salad of Blather’ (2018)

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Sounds like the plot of a horror movie: a cult of feminist wackos acquires children and sets out to raise them to be as loopy as they are. But of course it’s not a movie, it’s really happening.

A Tossed Salad of Blather

This is one of the misshapen products of our toxic “education” system. It’s also yet another form of child abuse. We’ve gotten very inventive in that respect.

God help us.

Beware the Archiarchy!

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First there was the “patriarchy,” then the “kyriarchy”–and now the “archiarchy”!

So what is the archiarchy? Dr. Wanda Pimbleton Slough, who holds the Moe Howard chair for Intersectional Feminist Cis-Boom-Bah Studies at Fimbo University, explains. Sort of.

“The kyriarchy tells the patriarchy what to do, and the archiarchy tells them both what to do,” writes the professor. “In any effort to build a truly trans-feminist boodlebomp societal infrastructure, it is necessary to expose the archiarchy as the enemy of true introfractal justice. And you may quote me on that!”

She added, “In other words, the pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle. This means the heteronormative frangibility of all trans-intersectional coelocanths must be considered as fully corputational. I trust I’ve made that clear.”

One can only stand in awe.

The Crown of Victimhood

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No one gets anywhere, these days, without wearing the crown of victimhood. Feminists, “gay rights” activists, illegal aliens, atheists–all victims, self-proclaimed.

Victim status gives its owners the power to push people around and make demands, eagerly lapped up by politicians. Once you have a Noble Cause, you can do just about anything you want to anybody. No one dares to argue with a Victim.

It’s not for everybody. Unborn babies, aborted in their tens of millions, don’t get to wear the crown. Conservative college students, conservative college professors–always presuming you can find one, somewhere–get to be targets but not Victims. If you’re white, male, and heterosexual, you are to blame for all the problems of the world: don’t even think about claiming to be innocent. Debate is not allowed.

With masses of people walking around with chips on their shoulders, “identifying” not as individuals but only as members of this or that entitled group, peace and harmony are hard to come by.

And it looks like it’s going to get worse before it can get better.


Canada Again (*sigh*)

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Justin Trudeau… the poor man’s Fabio

When they’re not busy banning numerals, tossing people into prison for using the wrong pronoun, or trying to resurrect the dreadful Section 13 of the infamous Human Rights Act, Canadians occupy themselves by electing stooges like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to represent them to the world.

At a recent town hall in Edmonton, Trudeau impressed the dickens out of liberals everywhere by gently chiding a woman for her use of the word “mankind.”

“We like to say ‘peoplekind,'” babbled the P.M., “not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive” (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/07/justin-trudeau-tells-woman-to-say-peoplekind-not-mankind)–and you just gained two squares on your Blather Bingo card.

Alas, poor Trudeau fell headfirst into the new feminist taboo against “mansplaining,” a feminist dogma that makes it an offense for a man to impart any information to a woman.

We have been unable to confirm reports that Trudeau is secretly “transitioning” into a woman to solidify his popularity among feminists. This would also allow him to answer a woman’s question without giving offense. Remember, “The future is female!” No more men! That’ll solve all the world’s prombles!

If it doesn’t, it’ll be interesting to see who feminists blame for that.

I seen “‘The Hand-Made’s tail'”!

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Oh man! thay shoed us a movy yeasterdday in Gender Studies 666 and it “was” caled The Hand-Made’s Tail and “it” jist blowed me aweiy!! Like i dint Know this hear stuff Was “going on” but It “is” axackly what yiu wuld Aspect fromb them No-Good christins whoo votted for Trumpt!!! i wasnt supprized at al! this is Waht is hapening in al the Red States in Fly Over contry!!

i had a promble tryin to figger Out what was Hand-Made and i “was” aslo confuzed becose i dint seee nobody “whith” a Tail but that i suposed Was jist the movy being Suttle! Maybbe it Was thare clothes that was Hand-Made,, thay looked like it!!

i dint Know them christins thay be so meen to Wimmins!! thay get the wimmins preganent agin and agin and thay dont Let them get a bortion!!! This hear is jist waht Hapens wenn Repubicans thay get Ellectid!! It wuld not be hapening if we Hadd Hillery for Pressadint and that Is becose that Trump he Collided with the Russhins!!!! it jist gose to Show yiu how bad this crumby contry needs Socile Jutstus Wirer and Auntyfa to cleen it “up”!!

So wee Are all Pumpt Up to putt a Stop “to” al This and the Prefesser she sayed we has to get it Done reel “soon” imbediantly by Trans Gendring al the Peple and makeing chritinanity aginst The Law so thay cant “Do” this to Wimmins no moar!!!

‘Wacko Feminist Wants to Put All Men in Camps’ (2015)

Remember this? Or has so much crapola come down the pike of late that individual items just get washed away?

What do you want to be the #MeToo movement winds up going there? (Sorry, but I turn away from anything that has a hashtag in front of it.)

Wacko Feminist Wants to ‘Put All Men in Camps’

A New Low in Political Campaigning

A woman running for state attorney general in Michigan says people should vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis (http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Vote-for-me-I-have-no-penis-says-Mich-candidate-12395907.php).

Uh, can’t we nail her for transphobia? Aren’t all The Smartest People in the World always telling us that not all men have penises, and not all women have vaginas?

To presume, as this candidate does, that every human being, man or women, equipped with a penis will use it to harass women–well, fry my hide, what do you suppose Brad “Chelsea” Manning would say to that? Well, okay, he had his willy cut off so he could call himself a woman and run for U.S. Senator from Maryland. But certainly  by the standard being used here, he would be a viable candidate. Crikey, what if these two were running against each other? “Yeah, well, I don’t have one, either!” What an edifying debate that would be.

If lack of a penis is all it takes to be Michigan’s attorney general, that makes deciding who to vote for pretty easy. But what if a woman runs against a woman?

This discussion is fast turning into a kind more commonly encountered in a busy tavern.


Are Males Doomed?

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Oh, feminists are gonna be dancing in the streets over this!

According to some scientists–and remember, Science is always right!–writing in the science journal, Conversation, the Y-chromosome, which males have and females don’t, is “rapidly disappearing” (http://www.catchnews.com/world-news/hold-your-breath-y-chromosomes-on-verge-of-getting-extinct-what-will-happen-to-men-96239.html).

At the rate it’s going, the Y-chromosome’s days are numbered. For all practical purposes, say the scientists, it will be gone, adios, goodbye… in 46 million years.


Gee, I guess, whatever we’re thinking about getting done, we’d better get done! Like, the clock is ticking! Oh, the scientists say life will find a way and probably generate “male fetuses without Y-chromosomes,” but how can they be sure of that? We are men, and Evolution’s gonna punch our ticket!

Probably to fix us for all that bad stuff we do.

When the initial feminist euphoria wears off, after the first 500,000 man-less years or so, that’s when the second thoughts will set in. After kajillions of years blaming men for everything, who they gonna blame now? Like, won’t it be so embarrassing if a women-only world doesn’t turn out to be paradise? What if there are still wars, still poverty and inequality, and people–well, only women and girls–being mean to each other?

Maybe feminists somehow skipped childhood. They show no sign of even suspecting what sorts of things girls in middle school get up to.  Some of them would be feeding each other ground glass if you didn’t watch them closely. Maybe the Elizabeth Bathory Chapter of NOW needs a refresher course in reality.

So us guys are going extinct and then, gals, you’ll be on your own, no one left to blame for anything that goes wrong.

What could be a more dire fate for feminists than to get what they say they want?

We got to Has Femmanest Masquilinty!!

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Well “the” stodent Soviat it voted yeasterday “to” Reqyer Alll mail stodents from Now “on” thay has got to be Femmanest Masqulinity or elce thay wil “be” flunked Out of Collidge and put in Re-Eddication and aslo Sensotifity Traning and “it” Is abote Time!!!

This hear it is Nessirsary becose Evry singal promble In “the” whorld it Is coused by Wite Hetro-Normbativve Maskalinnaty so evry Thing abote Men It “has got To” be turnned a-round backwords!! And aslo al Men thay has Got to be Gay fromb now “on” and that whay thay willnt harasss wimmin no more!! If thay is Wite now thay got to be Peple of Coller.

Like we lernt in Gender Studies alll Men thay are Vilint and agresssiv thay awlyays thinking Thay got to “Win” and thay hasnt got no Emotoins neether exept thay Get Mad a lot! And aslo thay are Only intristed in foot ball and Cars and beeer and Secks!!!! and al that it have got to be turnt aruond 360 digreees!! In shoret al the mails thay Got to be jist like wimmins fromb Now On and then thare wont Be “no moar” Wars and no moar Hate becose wimmin thay dont has those bad things!!

It dont appleye to me becose I got Moth Antenners witch is from shooting “up” whith Moth Hormoans becose it saposed to Turn me “intwo” a wimmim but it hassnt hapened Yet!

Yiu wil see oncet thare “Is” only Fembinast Mescalinity and al the men thay Is jist like Wimmin evry Thing it wil “be So” goood yiu wont beleave it!!!

Is It Still Stupid If a Left-Wing Schmendrick Does It?

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JT doing yoga with some of his fans…

Left-wing dreamboat, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who just last week led the charge to make using the wrong pronoun an offense punishable by prison time, has himself committed the anti-feminist gaffe of “manspreading”–on the cover of a magazine, no less (https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/94185395/justin-trudeau-manspreads-on-the-cover-of-delta-inflight-magazine).

“What is… manspreading?” I hear you ask.

It’s when a man sits with his legs spread out, as if to advertise the usually easily discernible fact that he’s a man, instead of with his knees pressed primly together as feminists would prefer.

Dig the cover photo of JT on Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine. He gets away with imitating a man because his lib constituents don’t have any more of a clue than he does as to what a man is. It’s sort of like a clueless Presbyterian youth minister trying to be cool for the kids. Really, it’s embarrassing.

Now, if some non-liberal politician were to strike a pose like that, he would be accused of a hate crime and they’d all show up in their little pink hats to scream f-bombs and death threats at him. But because he’s looking to throw people in jail for not using whatever pronoun some wacked-out transgender kook demands, JT gets a pass.

You can always rely on them using a double standard. Or even a triple one.

(Thanks to our esteemed colleague “jessicafischerqueen” for the news tip. You can see her comments on my “Playground Player” page today on http://www.chessgames.com/  )