Bermuda Repeals Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

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Is the world on the verge of having a “What have we done?” moment?

Bermuda this week has repealed homosexual pseudomarriage–which was only “legalized” there last May ( Since then, a whopping half a dozen same-sex “couples” have been… uh, “married.” In a December referendum, the people of Bermuda voted overwhelmingly against government-sponsored parodies of marriage.

To comply with the dictates of the European Court–Hello? Has anybody seen our Monroe Doctrine?–Bermuda says it will provide “recognition and protection” for same-sex couples” by granting them domestic pratnerships, which is how this nonsense got started in the first place.

Meanwhile, in France, former President Sarkozy, who wants to be president again, has recommended that France repeal homosexual fake marriage, too–only to fall back, of course, on domestic pratnerships: but sometimes the only way back is the way you came. He says France’s “gay marriage” laws are “humiliating families and humiliating people who love the family.”

Dare we even dream that the world may be coming to its senses?

Sometime soon we’ll see if the United States Supreme Court can resist the temptation to give gays ‘n’ government the power to dictate the content of works of art and force people to say and do things in public that lacerate their consciences. We can only pray they can and will.

P.S.: I do know how to spell “partnership.” I purposely write “pratnership” to show my most heart-felt disrespect.

4 comments on “Bermuda Repeals Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if marriage was retaken by one man and one woman, the way God intended?

    It’s Joe Collidge that has the spelling problem. We usually know you’ve done something intentionally 🙂

  2. This is good news! Poland changed their law from legalizing abortion back to making it illegal. Also, last October 7th Poland had a national day of prayer to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto where the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada thus saving Europe from Islamization. Over one million people participated! As it is said in “The Hunger Games,” hope is stronger than fear.

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