Dangerous, Menacing Kittens

It was such fun when our kittens discovered they could puff up their tails and jump around sideways–highly threatening behavior! They’ve totally grown out of it, so now we can only see it on cat videos.

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4 responses to “Dangerous, Menacing Kittens

  • Linda Sorci

    Too funny! One of my favorite things about kittens is when they jump sideways straight up in the air 🙂 And they sure are beautiful marble tabbies!


  • Phoebe

    The background music is perfect!


  • Linda Sorci

    I just watched it a second time trying to see how many kittens there were. I settled on 4, plus Mama, who was hilarious in her own right. She nonchalantly reached over, plunked her paw on the one little one, pulled him over to her to clean his face lol. Also, have you noticed how all cat mamas are so nonchalant even when the little ones are climbing all over her? 🙂 Patience is in a cat’s DNA.


  • UnKnowable

    Pretty fierce looking for something that is, literally, as “harmless as a kitten”. 🙂


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