Memory Lane: ‘Branded’

Remember this? Vintage 1960s TV, it aired on Sunday night: Branded starred TV workhorse and former National League baseball player Chuck Connors as a soldier falsely charged with cowardice in the face of the enemy, and the evil reputation that followed him wherever he went. A classic TV Western.

We kids had a favorite variation on the theme song:

Stranded! Stuck on the toilet bowl!/ What do you do when you’re stranded, and you don’t have a roll? Nevertheless, a really cool show.

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  1. Sunday night when growing up was “Bonanza” and “Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.” I don’t remember “Branded” – maybe because it had such a short TV life. Now, the “Rifleman”, there is a classic. Anyone remember “Paladin?” – “a chess knight of silver.”

    1. “A knight without armor in a savage land…”
      I remember our Saturday night TV lineup, provided my parents were out late to a party and Aunt Millie was baby-sitting. Perry Mason. Wrestling from Sunnyside Arena. And then Shock Theater, which we were almost never allowed to watch.

    2. Oh boy! One of my favorites! Richard Boone in Have Gun Will Travel 🙂 Now there’s a trip down memory lane!

    3. Once upon a time at the bookstore, many years ago, the guy peacefully stacking the shelves was softly singing the theme song from “Have Gun Will Travel.” What a sweet and mellow voice he had!

    4. I take that back – another one of my favorite good guys wore a black hat – Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) 🙂

    5. Wagon Train – yep. Those old westerns were great! We could use some reruns of those oldies these days.

    6. We bought a bunch of Wagon Train seasons on disc. Absolutely great! They really can’t make ’em that good anymore, the culture has been too debased.

    7. Sounds great! Rawhide was another good one – Clint Eastwood sure was a youngster in those days lol

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