That’s It, I’ve Had It!

That last item about the so-called “rabbi” who said God sexually harassed Eve–well, I just can’t take any more this weekend. There ought to be a limit on how big a moron anyone can be, but obviously there isn’t.

So for the rest of the weekend we’ll have hymns, nature, Memory Lane, humor, and no more prattling idiots. I know we have to keep track of what the enemy is doing, but it’s not as if God needed us to tell Him what’s up. We are to serve as watchmen for our fellow sinners, whom Jesus came into this fallen world to save. But even watchmen need to take a breather now and then.

9 comments on “That’s It, I’ve Had It!

  1. I agree. Enough is enough. The world will go on down the path to hell without our attention. We know plenty to know what to pray about.

  2. Great idea, Lee! We do know about the evil in the world (sometimes too much. But every now and then we need to just focus on good things.

  3. I agree with you, Lee. What we need right now are kittens. And hymns. And Scripture. And more kittens. God bless you.

  4. It’s like we live in two worlds. The culture all around us is the world, the fallen realm created by man the sinner. And there is the world created by God, the earth and all it contains which Scripture tells us is filled with the glory of God. The happy Christian is the balanced Christian. No need to be fananics because Our Father is in control, not us.

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