Libs Love Racial Conflict

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(Note: The link to the New York Times piece is embedded in the InfoWars article. I was not able to transport it to this post.)

I was already tired of the hype for the new freakin’ comic book superhero movie, The Black Panther. And then along comes The New York Times to “investigate” whether white children should be allowed–allowed?–to wear a Black Panther mask (

I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t intend to, because I outgrew comic books a long time ago. I will say the stars’ hearts seem to be in the right place, which is refreshing: they say they’re happy that white kids see them as heroes and want to pretend to be them. I think that’s just how it ought to be.

But then I’m not a New York Times-style white liberal trying to foment racial discord because that’s what makes a perverted leftid moron feel righteous.

The NYT article is headed by a tear-jerking cartoon of some poor sad little black boy whose mother can’t buy him a Black Panther costume because some mean little white boy got the last one on the shelves. This is supposed to make us emit steam from our ears, contemplating the injustice of it all.

White kids shouldn’t play Black Panther, says the Times, ’cause it might be an “unwitting form of cultural appropriation.” More steam. Hey, how about we white folks get all huffy about cultural appropriation when folks who are not white use, say, electric lighting? But we don’t do that because it would be ridiculous.

The NYT also ponders “how Black Panther’s blackness should figure into their children’s relationship to the character.” White liberals are obsessed with race. It’s not healthy. They ought to have themselves seen to: sounds like they might have something wrong between the ears.

We could probably achieve racial harmony, through cultural homogenization, if only liberals would let us alone and let us do it.

But racial harmony is the very last thing they want to see.

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  1. Your point is well taken. It would seem that the goal of harmony and equality has been forgotten. Most people would prefer if we could all live together in mutual respect, but the liberal media would have little to write about if that were to happen.

  2. Cultural appropriation is just another form of segregation. Things were not like this even a decade ago. Around Obama’s second term I started to notice more racial division, and I don’t think that’s coincidental. But I’m hoping that in another 3 years it will start to turn around. It seems to take that long before changes are really felt.

  3. I’m not much for watching TV, but Michael watches it sometimes. The other day I was in the kitchen and overheard a Dr. Phil episode. His guests were a black man, his white wife and his black parents and the rest of his family. The couple described their marriage as a good and loving one, and they also had two young children. The husband described himself as working in corporate America. The family had a problem with the white wife. The charge they leveled against her was that she was taking away his ‘blackness’; he didn’t act or speak with ‘blackness’ anymore and she didn’t want to learn how to cook ‘soul food’, according to them. The sister said she wanted him to come back to his Mama. The whole thing was as absurd as it was sad. The couple seemed fine and said they had a great marriage. His family looked to be attempting to pull him away from his wife and children. It was very disturbing. Don’t ask me how it wound up because I really didn’t hear the whole program or pay close attention, although I believe the couple left intact.

    1. Lee, please repair the typo – descried should obviously be described. Thanks 🙂

  4. The Intelligence departments were before the Senate IQ Committee yesterday expressing grave concerns about possible war in the Middle East, the growing threat of Chinese ambitions to rule the world, many countries hacking our internet grid, and the nuclear threat of North Korea and what are the Liberals obsessed with? Cultural appropriation and amnesty for illegal aliens – and they are still wondering how they lost the last national election.

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