A Herald of Spring

I was talking to Susan on the phone this morning, and she told me, “Spring is on the way–the frogs are calling.”

The wood frog, with its characteristic black raccoon-mask, is almost always the first critter to come out of hibernation. These little guys can really take the cold: you can even find them in Alaska. Sometimes they can almost freeze solid during hibernation–but not quite. As long as they don’t die, they’ll thaw out all right. They want to be ready for when God gives them their cue to come onstage.

God’s stuff: world without end, Amen. And this is Mr. Nature, signing off.

3 comments on “A Herald of Spring

  1. Anyone that doesn’t believe in miracles must not believe in life, because life is filled with miracles. Frogs that don’t freeze to death, desert toads that seem to come from nowhere when it rains and disappear again just as quickly when it dries up. These things can’t happen without design and that means there has to be a Designer.

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