By Request, ‘Today Your Mercy Calls Us’

“Thewhiterabbit” asked for this one, Today Your Mercy Calls Us. I had a rather nice video recorded during a live church service, but couldn’t use it because the guy’s battery died before the song was finished. So I hope you like this kind of old-fashioned treatment, courtesy of “Hymns of the Month.”

6 comments on “By Request, ‘Today Your Mercy Calls Us’

  1. Concordia the arm of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

    Martin Luther is known as the father of congregational singing. Hymns such as this one were written to be easily sung and learned. It is hard for us today to imagine church without congregational singing, but before the Reformation it was just the priests who were active in the liturgy.

  2. Another suggestion: Jim Reeves singing It Is No Secret What God Can Do.
    And, yes, Catholics did not even allow the congregation members to own
    a Bible- only the priests had the authority to interpret Scripture.

    1. Erlene, we are all so glad to have you back! I hope you’re feeling much better. You know we’ve been praying for you.

      It’ll be my pleasure to post this hymn tomorrow morning.

  3. Thank you, I so appreciate your prayers. I am improving, but very slowly. I guess that is how it works at my age. sigh At least I am still upright.

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