Your Cuddly Owl

You should see all the low-down, unedifying news stories I passed up covering today. Well, maybe you shouldn’t see them: I wish I hadn’t.

Anyway, for something completely different, wholesome, and soothing, here’s somebody’s pet barn owl doing some serious cuddling. A barn owl! Who would have ever thought it?

We do have much to be grateful for. Thank you, Father.

3 comments on “Your Cuddly Owl

  1. It’s such a wonder to me every time I see such affection from owls. Who would have ever thought it! God sure gave us wonderful gifts and we thank Him for every one of them!

  2. I want one except my wife might like it better than me 🙂

    There’s a cute TV commercial where an owl is on a telephone pole where a cable company guy is working who wears glasses. The owl tells him they can get him a better deal on his glasses and the cable guy says “Who.” And the owl tells him more and again the cable guy says “Who.” Then the owl has him look at the billboard across the street advertising the glass wear deals. It’s funny – I know, “who” asked me.

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