Any Day Now!

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I received a notice this morning that The Silver Trumpet has finally gone to press. It’s Book No. 10 in the Bell Mountain series (starting, oddly enough, with Bell Mountain), so after you read this one, you’ll owe it to yourself to read the preceding nine.

What’s it about? Well, you’ll find out why the people of Obann have such a horror of the sea. There’s a big surprise in store for Gurun, the Queen. And an even bigger one for the army that marches out to sack the town of Ninneburky. And a divine vision has been given–not to sage or saint, but to a young chieftain of the Heathen.

The Silver Trumpet ought to be available in paperback, through or the publisher (Storehouse Press, per The Chalcedon Foundation, )–in fact, I probably ought to go and check right now.

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  1. Great to hear! I finished “The Last Banquet” yesterday. The part where Ellayne’s scream (spoiler alert) causes the avalanche is so totally cool. Now I am wondering if Galloid was telling the truth about the Trumpet King. It looks like I will have to buy book 5 to find out – can’t wait!!

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