Joie de Vivre, With Bunnies

I’ve never had bunnies of my own, but I’ve often seen the wild cottontails gamboling around like this. Makes you happy just to watch them. Never say no to a bit of joie de vivre. I am told that using a French expression from time to time is the mark of someone who knows a couple of French expressions.

7 comments on “Joie de Vivre, With Bunnies

  1. Now that’s what I call havin’ some fun! And in addition to the French, you occasionally toss in some Italian- like stunata 🙂

    1. Being Italian myself (well, half of me anyway), and having lived some years on Buffalo’s West Side – which was the Italian neighborhood – I’ve used it myself more than a time or two lol

  2. I try to limit my french to a style of potato. when not eating that delicacy, then its kissing. otherwise i avoid the french like i avoid louis l’amour in favor of Larry McMurtry.

  3. Loved the “French” sound effects! That black & white bunny looked like one who owned us that we called BunBun. He would stare down the Jack Terrier who lived on the other side of the wire fence until that dog barked himself out – so funny.

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