‘Owl Be Seein’ You’

All right, how do they do those things with their necks? It would be kind of unnerving if a human did it. I guess owls like to see things from assorted angles. It’d be interesting, if they could tell us what they think of what they see.

5 comments on “‘Owl Be Seein’ You’

  1. Oh my goodness! They couldn’t be any cuter! Doesn’t it make you want to run out and get one – or maybe three? 🙂 I’m guessing the little pure white one with striking red eyes must be albino. That must be a real rarity.

  2. Such fascinating creatures. They are so cute and so unique. I can barely turn my head far enough to back the car, and they can do all this!

  3. Whenever I have heard the expression “red eye” I thought of having to take a plane ride very late at night. Now when I hear “red eye” I will think of that white owl 🙂

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