By Request, ‘The Will of God is Always Best’

“Thewhiterabbit” requested this hymn, The Will of Good is Always Best. We have it courtesy of the Good Shepherd Institute, and I wish I knew the name of the singer, so I could thank her for this beautiful, soothing rendition.

5 comments on “By Request, ‘The Will of God is Always Best’

    1. The one with the lyrics didn’t have anybody singing–just the piano. I kind of like that, but I don’t know if anybody else does.

    2. Piano is one of my favorite instruments, along with the violin and the dulcimer (which my sister played)

    3. I needed something soothing to listen to. I encountered a “news” story last night that upset me considerably, and I haven’t shaken it all day. Couldn’t write about it without getting more troubled than is good for me.

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