My Newswithviews Column, March 1 (‘Our Fragile Civilization’)

Last week I was so preoccupied with my impending oral surgery, I never got around to writing my Newswithviews column. But as you can see, I’m back this week.

Do you ever get the impression that there are a lot of people out there doing their level best to destroy our civilization? I do.

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, March 1 (‘Our Fragile Civilization’)

  1. It’s a rot, deep in our culture. It goes to the very roots at this point, and the reason is that there are no standards anymore. John Wayne played a straight shooter that stood for justice, in many of his movies, and he was an American hero. Today he’d be called names and mocked; our culture doesn’t want heroes, it wants anti-heroes. We’re circling the drain.

  2. There’s a real hatred of beauty involved in these attacks on civilization. I first started noticing it in the hideous productions of opera that have become so numerous recently, productions that often have nothing to do with the plot or lyrics, but just seem to pile on the violence, nudity, perversions, and (of course) political signals to a nauseating extent. At first, I half-joked with one of my friends, “These directors hate opera.” But then I realized that it goes beyond that: They hate Beauty. Not just beauty with a lowercase “b,” but Beauty itself. Goodness. God. They’ve already begun building their own Hell. Let’s pray that they don’t wind up in an eternal one.

  3. Good article, Lee, on NWV this morning. I have been writing very similar things, and I notice that only the friends, and people I know are commenting and liking them. Most people are too busy enjoying what is left of the familiar culture. I pray for a great awakening and soon.

  4. Very well said, Lee. Precarious. The world is on the precipice and is too blind and in many cases too self involved to watch their step.

  5. Europe is in decline, it can’t be denied. I never cared about the fashion scene, especially Europe’s creations. The Bible teaches “with food and raiment be thou content.” I have been re-reading Lewis’ “The Abolition of Man,” Those Europeans need to read it – like yesterday!

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