YouTube Admits ‘Mistake’ in Censorship

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Some of you have been complaining about YouTube censoring conservative content, especially that which defends the Second Amendment, guaranteeing our right to bear arms.

Well, you were right. YouTube has admitted doing this. But, they insist, it was only, er, “a mistake” ( That means they got caught, and fear the consequences.

According to YouTube, the censorship was an error by a “new team of content managers,” thousands of whom were hired this year. These “newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals” of non-leftid videos. “We’ll reinstate any videos that were removed in error,” they promise. After all, they were only looking to remove “harmful and dangerous content” posted by “fringe commentators.” Some videos, they add, have already been reinstated.

Oops, sorry, we slipped up–but it was only a mistake, and we’re putting it right, heh-heh.

Meanwhile (thanks to Altie for the news tip), the Health Ranger and others are preparing to launch alternatives to YouTube. Let me see if I can get the link to work: (

This story slid past me because I don’t use the social media all that much. Mostly I use YouTube for hymns and cat videos, not politics.

Please, never forget this: The Left does not believe in either the First Amendment or the Second, and will erase them if they can.

Please, never again allow Democrats to take power in our country. The only freedom they believe in is the freedom to fornicate.

14 comments on “YouTube Admits ‘Mistake’ in Censorship

  1. Sure. A mistake. By a whole new team of ‘new hires’. Well, one of those ‘new hires’ just happens to be none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center. Imagine that. I’m told they were specifically hired to ‘flag conservative channels for hate speech’. It’s certainly not over – not by a long shot!

    1. The SPLC is only a left-wing hate group. Not only is my employer, The Chalcedon Foundation, named on their list of “hate groups,” but I think I’m on it, too, personally.

      Did you know the SPLC has piles of money stored safely offshore?

      We have to stay on this. In their endless quest to turn America into a Third World basket base, leftids never take a day off.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that I, personally, would be on their list since I make myself known and heard, although the only public platform I have is by way of comments.

      But we are told by Jesus in Matthew l0:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

      Taking to heart Jesus’ warning, we need to stay vigilant to their schemes but not fear them.

  2. And here’s an update on YouTube’s shenanigans. Now they’re taking content providers’ videos down while leaving channels up. They’re saying the video was removed by user (it’s creator). I’ve just heard from one of the victims of this and he says he did not take his video down and states that YouTube is lying. Free Speech is under heavy attack.

    1. It is an outrage… ! In the end its going to hurt them. As for myself, I am organizing a mass exit. A boycott, whatever., Steemit, somewhere , but leave.

    1. It was Google that helped the communist government build “the Great Firewall of China.” They’ve had a lot of practice shutting people up.

  3. “Please, never again allow Democrats to take power in our country. The only freedom they believe in is the freedom to fornicate.” And I would add “and to kill their own offspring in the womb and have everyone else pay for it.” Any Christian who is a registered Democrat and votes Democrat needs to have their faith examined.

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