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My Newswithviews Column, May 23 (‘It’s War, All Right’)

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‘No hay pan’ is “We have no bread” in Spanish: Venezuelan slang for ‘Ain’t socialism wonderful?’

Remember what Sun Tzu said, in The Art of War: “On death ground, fight.”

It’s War, All Right

Far Left Crazy means to wipe out Christian America, and won’t let up until it does. The culture war is still on, it’s deadly serious, and Christian America has to win or Christian America dies. It’s that simply.

And never mind being “winsome”!

The time for that is after we’ve won a total victory and the Democrat Party has been forever consigned to the landfill of history.

A Time to Stand Firm

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In one of the most spectacular displays of fake news yet, big-time nooze media jumped all over a bunch of high school kids for allegedly “taunting” adult “activists,” as the boys waited for their bus home from the weekend’s March for Life (https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-covington-catholic-dc-video-kass-20190122-story.html).

See, a couple of the kids had MAGA hats, so that meant they are White Supremacists so they have to be confronted by “activists” and called names and threatened… so then the nooze media can whip up some video showing the “activists as victims,” and so on.

What really happened? A group of “Black Israelites”–can anybody tell me why any black people would be fanatically devoted to abortion?–started yelling at the kids and calling them names, and then an old fraud of a “Native American activist” ran up and started banging his stupid drum in one kid’s face–and ooh, forsooth! they “bullied” him, too, and him a poor old war hero–and it all goes to prove that these kids have “White Privilege” or something.

Why did I call Big Chief BS a fraud? He’s a professional protester. He goes around the country protesting everything. No visible means of support. Oh– and what, pray tell, is the connection between “Native American activism” and abortion? What a load of pure crapola.

It has now been proved beyond a doubt that the whole incident was concocted, spun, and blown up by the Far Left Crazy and their owners in the nooze media. Even more shameful was the alacrity with which assorted pseudoconservatives who actually conserve nothing hopped on the “Native American activist” phoney’s bandwagon.

And then there was the “CNN personality,” who has no personality, who said, speaking of one of the boys who’d worn a MAGA hat, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” I nominate yours, doofus.

They had to close the kids’ school, Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, and open it again yesterday–with “a heavy police presence” because of all the threats of violence by the Loving Left. As has become the custom among “progressives,” the children’s families were “doxed”–that is, their identities and home addresses revealed, so as to invite vandals or assassins.

Attention, Covington Catholic High School–this is a teachable moment: not just for you, but for all the decent normal people in America. Learn this, and learn it well.

The ungodly are out there in force, desperate to seize control of our country. They hate us, they hate our God, they hate our morality, they hate our way of life. And they lie: the truth is not in them. They are out there seeking to conquer us, to subjugate us–and they must be defeated. There more of us than there are of them, many times more, and we must dedicate ourselves to defeating them. For good. Because the only alternative they’ve left us is to be ruled by them–and we’re not having it.

My Interview with David Limbaugh

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“If we don’t keep fighting the culture war, we can expect the demise of our values in America.”

David Limbaugh said this in 2005, when I interviewed him for Chalcedon.


This week, with a Republican minority reduced to impotence, the New York State Legislature, overwhelmingly Democrat, voted to allow abortions up to the moment of birth. They’d been pushing this for a decade. Until now, Republican opposition had always been enough to defeat the measure.

Unlike so many other “conservatives” whose positions make me wonder what they think they’re “conserving,” David Limbaugh’s conservatism is firmly and deeply rooted in his Christianity. In the 13 years since this interview, he hasn’t changed. I like him for that!

Chess Knights Smite a Dragon

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I was appalled to encounter someone who actually believes “transgender” is just fine and subjecting young children to “The Drag Queen Story Hour” does no harm at all. This appeared as a long post on pg. 603 (today’s page) of my Playground Player forum at http://www.chessgames.com/ . I won’t attempt to reproduce it here. If you want to read it, please visit the forum.

I wasn’t looking forward to trying to answer such a preposterous and morally vacuous argument, but when I logged in today to attempt it, I found that several of my esteemed colleagues at Chessgames had already done the job–big-time. I find it hard to say how happy that made me!

We must not let these people murder our culture. We must not be silent when God’s Word, which is the truth, is despised. Not that He needs our help: but we are His servants, and we must do our best to serve Him.

There does seem to be a bit more pushback now than there was two or three years ago. May God give us the strength and the wit to push back even harder: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

What Do They Get Out of It?

Image result for images of drag queens with children

If this image does not disturb you, what will?

That item about the Drag Queen Story Hour really cheesed me off, and also made me wonder–why in the world are liberals doing this? Do they honestly, truly want their little boys to grow up to be drag queens? Transgenders? I mean, what do they think they’re going to get out of this? Someone give me a clue!

Another point that mystifies me is, why do we, who are not them, continue to tolerate this? It’s our hard-earned tax money being used against us. It’s our children who are being exposed to this. It’s our country, our culture, that’s being debased and befouled. Why do we not defend ourselves and our families? Are we that terrified of being branded un-cool?

What kind of world are these people trying to make? A world of total sexual confusion? Who benefits from that? Do they truly hate goodness, decency, and wholesomeness that much? Do they have no fear of God? Are they convinced He will not judge them?

Well, at least they’re making it harder and harder for normal people just to toss it off as harmlessly eccentric characters just doing their own thing. It’s very much more than that.

Some of you believe this business is satanic, inspired and orchestrated by a supernatural force of evil.

I don’t know how to answer that.

A Learning Experience

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A couple of my chess buddies are trying to teach me how to do this. Can they succeed, where several generations of intelligent, good-hearted persons have failed?

Well, let’s see… If this works, one of jessicafischerqueen’s fire-eating comments should appear in the space below. Fingers crossed.


I think you should provide the source link for your analysis.

On the same topic as above, if you look on the link I just posted, there are only three comments, but all three are strongly against the idea of taking down the portraits of white men.

I tell you the silent majority will show up at the ballot box and in numbers. This Stalinist cultural revolution will destroy itself before it destroys western civilization.

You heard it here first- these outrages will increase in idiocy and violence leading up to the next presidential election, and the Republicans will win in a landslide.

Ironically, if the Stalinists wish comes true and they succeed in deleting western history, then future white men can begin claiming that black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women enslaved the Whites. “Just look at all those black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women portraits and statues!” they will cry.

“I tell you it was just terrible…”

This is one of the dangers of attempting to obliterate history- you may get caught up in the obliteration.

All totalitarian political movements attempted to, and continue to attempt to, erase history.

“Year zero” is their eternal goal.

This is true of <Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Enver Hoxa, Fidel Castro, ISIS, and the boneheads in charge of the lesbian gay trans idiot white-hating anti-Christian pro-Islamic coloured disabled and transdisabled who get elective surgery to disable themselves because they identify as cripples movement.>

If Egypt were in the United States, these morons would be hysterically demanding that the pyramids should be destroyed because the work force involved slaves.

I wonder how long it will be before students begin claiming that they “self-identify” as stupid? This way they can avoid taking responsibility for their terrible marks in Collidge.

“I should still get this great job even though my marks suck, because I self-identify as stupid.”

Young people who are too lazy to do even that much can self-identify as Kangaroo Rats and live in peoples’ homes as pets.


Holy moly! It worked! And I had better go lie down.

Our Friend Jess Kicks Butt


If this link works, and actually gets you to page 593 of my chess forum, you’ll be able to read fiery comments by our esteemed colleague “jessicafischerqueen.”

If it doesn’t work–aah, fanabla.

Well, that still doesn’t work. All I can tell you at this point is that if you want to read it, you have to go to page 604, not 593. I have no idea how to manage this.

‘A New Hymn for a Defeated Church’ (2013)

Hmm… What’s changed, since I wrote this five years ago?

Not much, I’m afraid. I keep plucking on this string, “Be not conformed to this world,” a warning first uttered by St. Paul in Romans 12:2.


Coming up next: Audio and video to go with it!


YouTube Admits ‘Mistake’ in Censorship

See the source image

Some of you have been complaining about YouTube censoring conservative content, especially that which defends the Second Amendment, guaranteeing our right to bear arms.

Well, you were right. YouTube has admitted doing this. But, they insist, it was only, er, “a mistake” (http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/03/01/removal-some-pro-gun-content-was-mistake-youtube-says.html). That means they got caught, and fear the consequences.

According to YouTube, the censorship was an error by a “new team of content managers,” thousands of whom were hired this year. These “newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals” of non-leftid videos. “We’ll reinstate any videos that were removed in error,” they promise. After all, they were only looking to remove “harmful and dangerous content” posted by “fringe commentators.” Some videos, they add, have already been reinstated.

Oops, sorry, we slipped up–but it was only a mistake, and we’re putting it right, heh-heh.

Meanwhile (thanks to Altie for the news tip), the Health Ranger and others are preparing to launch alternatives to YouTube. Let me see if I can get the link to work: (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-02-27-health-ranger-to-launch-youtube-alternative-that-protects-free-speech.html).

This story slid past me because I don’t use the social media all that much. Mostly I use YouTube for hymns and cat videos, not politics.

Please, never forget this: The Left does not believe in either the First Amendment or the Second, and will erase them if they can.

Please, never again allow Democrats to take power in our country. The only freedom they believe in is the freedom to fornicate.

‘Old Testament Heretics?’ (2013)

This is how the Republican Party turned itself into the Nothing Party. Offer nothing, conserve nothing, stand for nothing. Those who are still wondering how Donald Trump was able to trample 16 political pygmies in the 2016 GOP primaries–well, stop wondering.


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