School Forbids Children to ‘Touch Snow’

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Before we all go crazy, we turn to British education (and ours is no better!) for comic relief.

With Britain getting buried under record-setting Climbit Change snow, the principal of an East London school has decreed that the kiddies are not to “touch snow” ( No snowmen, no snow angels, no snow forts, and certainly no snowball fights!

The principal says he’s afraid of lawsuits. But not to worry: “If you don’t touch snow you’re not going to throw it.”

I was just kidding a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a piece about Play-Doh contributing to Global Warming, and so does everything else, so people would be wise to refrain from all activity of any kind. (

But this principal isn’t kidding.

Public education: making people dumber and woossier by the day.

10 comments on “School Forbids Children to ‘Touch Snow’

    1. We seem to have entire countries full of ninnies these days. Heaven help us!

  1. They shouldn’t be allowed to touch anything, since anything can become a dangerous projectile. Of course, this would mean they wouldn’t be able to eat, go to the bathroom, or dress themselves. But come to think of it, a savvy kid could turn the prohibition into a way of getting out of doing homework and taking tests.

    1. Well, if they’re going to waltz into traffic without looking because they’re all wrapped up in their cellphones and whatnot, either they have to be protected in some way or else–um, let natural selection take over. I’m told that in New York they blunder into normal people on the sidewalk.

    2. Meanwhile, common sense can’t be legislated. Will it now be illegal to lack common sense? That should fill up our prisons in short order.

    3. The story said fine ’em, not jail ’em.
      Thing is, you can’t have a cop watching everybody. That’s why a nation’s character matters. Good citizens don’t need to be watched.

      I do get nervous when the government decides it’s going to do something for our good. But it’s not fair to the drivers to have these dopes blundering into the traffic because their heads are glued to some gizmo.

    4. I agree. It’s frustrating, but it’s more frustrating – not to mention dangerous to a free society – to grow government so they control every facet of our lives, which is really their aim.

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