‘King David’s Military Genius’

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Some of you might enjoy this article I wrote for the Chalcedon magazine in 2005, on King David’s generalship. He really was quite good at it.


It’s a little long, but so what? It’s Bible history.

3 comments on “‘King David’s Military Genius’

  1. He had known the power of the True God’s backing when he slew Goliath. His faith undoubtedly helped him to think clearly when fighting Absalom.

  2. David was a brilliant military strategist. The thing that always bothered me about this was how tortured he must have been since it was betrayal by his own son that caused David to have to resort to military action.

    1. And even at that he tried to save Absalom’s life–just as he failed to punish Amnon for raping his sister. Joab had the good sense to kill Absalom when he had the chance.

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