More Funny Owls

Is it true owls bob their heads and blink at you in code? I heard that was true. And, like, if you could crack the code, you’d be getting all these wise owl messages, and you could take credit for them so people would think it was you who was so wise, only then the owls would get mad and you would be in a lot more trouble than you ever expected…

(For maximum enjoyment of this video, turn down the annoying musical track.)

5 comments on “More Funny Owls

  1. It amazes me how tame owls can be. Did you notice when the little ones are looking up, they seem to be smiling? 🙂 (and thanks for the warning on that horrid music)

  2. What amazes me is that these birds, which we are told exist only to hunt rodents, can be so personable. It’s almost as if there were some greater purpose to all of this, as if some . . . Higher Power ordained it to be so.

    Now, as to the music; do you mean to tell me that you don’t like synthesizers playing rock against a mechanized beat? 🙂 Ok, I don’t either.

  3. My Mom collected owl things. I inherited some of them, so owls always remind me of my saintly mother. The video’s music reminded me of being punished for using bad language. 🙂

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