The White Doe–for Real

Wow! Just like in Lintum Forest. Only when you see the white doe in Lintum Forest, it means you’re in for strange adventures. Like the one that befell Ryons in The Palace.

It snowed like crazy here yesterday, all day, finally tapering off at night. We were watching a Columbo episode when my eye strayed to the window: and there, standing in the yard, hardly ten feet away, was a doe. This time Patty saw it, too. And as we looked, another doe came along, and they both looked back at us. The spell broke when a car pulled into the parking lot and found the deer in its headlights. Contrary to the popular turn of phrase, they both ran away. But their tracks were there this morning.

No big deal, to a lot of you: but where we live, it seems almost miraculous that there should be any deer at all.

7 comments on “The White Doe–for Real

  1. Oh my, how beautiful! A miracle, indeed. No red eyes, so they aren’t albino – just gorgeous white deer. Breathtaking!

    1. I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted either. I’m in awe just watching the video! They appear to be twins – they both have the same small dark patch on the inside right rear leg.

  2. I’ve never seen a white deer – ethereal. A friend of mine once had a deer jump through the window of his house, tear up a bunch of furniture (it was scared), and then jump back out through the same window.

  3. I have seen a whole herd of these beautiful deer. They often appear right
    beside the highway near Dry Falls, Wa. near where I used to live. They
    are unusual, for sure, and quite beautiful.

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