Playful Bunnies

They’ve got personality, they’ve got charm–and I’m always amazed to see videos of bunnies and dogs playing together.

We had a whole bunch of wild baby bunnies around here once, and I have a found memory of standing still, one night, while they chased each other round and round me.

4 comments on “Playful Bunnies

  1. I really wish I had known in my younger years just how playful bunnies are. I’d surely have added a couple to my family of children, cats, dogs and a bird 🙂 I did have a bunny at my aunt’s house when I was a young girl, but she lived outside in a pen with pens of other bunnies. It was like that on the farm. People had a somewhat different attitude about animals. But I used to go outside and sit in her pen and play with her (I called her Sandy ’cause she was light brown (imaginative, wasn’t I? lol)

  2. They certainly have personality. I was amazed to see that time little bunny with that big dog. The latter clip showed that adult rabbit engaging the dog quite directly. They are smart little guys.

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