My Review of ‘Risen’

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I don’t think I posted this article when it was published in our Chalcedon magazine; so here it is, in time for Easter.

6 comments on “My Review of ‘Risen’

  1. A wonderful review, Lee. I felt as though I’d actually seen the movie myself. Now I do want to see it.

  2. Lee, your review is extraordinary! I will definitely find this movie and watch it. And then I’ll get some people who “kind of believe” to watch it. Thank you!

    1. Now I don’t know why I didn’t post this when it was published. Oh, well–this might actually be the best time for it.

  3. I remember reading this review in “Faith For All of Life” (a magazine I endorse for everyone to subscribe to – it’s free, but donations are very welcome). The Chalcedon Foundation only allows the best writers in their publications, which says a lot for Lee Duigon! Mel Gibson is working on a sequel to “The Passion of Christ” about Jesus’ resurrection. Jim Caviezel is again to play Jesus – from what Gibson is saying, it should be a spectacular film.

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