Communism’s Soul-Mate

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Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s co-author and co-founder of communism

I have an ongoing discussion with a Christian friend and brother who clings to Science and considers Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as a demonstrated fact–although who demonstrated it, or how, is more than I know.

I go by the principle of  “by their fruits you shall know them.” Darwinism has bitter fruit. It assisted at the birth of communism.

Said Engels, after reading The Origin of the Species, “Darwin… is absolutely splendid. There was one aspect of teleology that has yet to be demolished, and that has been done.”

Amplifies International Socialist Review, “The essential connection between historical materialism and natural selection” was established by Darwin.

Is the world a better place because of Darwinist dogma?

If you can answer “yes,” we are surely talking about two different planets.


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    1. No doubt, eugenics is basically Darwin’s survival of the fittest applied in action. And science was used to justify racial superiority.

  1. I would ask your friend to give an observable example of evolution in action. Most likely he will cite micro evolution, which is either a mutation that results in a handicap, or the expression of genetic variations within a species, which has its limits. Micro evolution is not sufficient for Darwin’s theory. What Darwin was talking about was macro evolution, changing from one kind to another kind, which has never been observed. It cannot even stand up to the scientific method, which is why it remains a theory.

  2. Darwin was an out-and-out racist, yet the Progressives and anti-Christian scientists love him. All he offers mankind is a way to dismiss believe in a Person, Infinite God and thus escape responsibility for their lives. It’s a total lie that they on judgment day will realize unless they have come to repentance by the grace of God and realized in this life.

    1. Why must Darwinism be an “enemy” of Christianity? In fact, to the greater scale of total life on this planet.. how many do you actually think are such believers in pure Darwinism to the point of it consuming their daily lives in some way? What exactly is the fear of people who believe in evolution to Christians?
      I consider myself a Christian yet I believe in evolution… and science.. (and, yes, global warming) I believe God created man with the instinct to be curious and to explore and challenge his/her environment. God helps those who helps themselves. I don’t understand the conflict.

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