Iff yiu wanta Eet,, Yiu Mind got to Be Rihght!!

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Man thay has done a Grate thing in Cannader and gess wHat, we doing itt hear at Collidge!! too.

See thay got this Sumer Jobbs thing in Cannader for stodents, only Now yiu cant Get “one” Unlest yiu sine “this hear Staytmint that it says Yiu suport the Rihght to A Bortion! that whay none “Of” them no-good Rihght “to” Lyfers thay cant get no sumer jobbs!!!

So laset Nihghht our Stodent Soviet thay votted to not let any Boddy “eet” In the Campas Caffateeria unlest yiu sine a Staytmint it sayes Yiu suport A Bortion and aslo yiu has got “to” say yiu Suport Trans Gender Rihghts and aslo Gay Marridge and aslo Hillery she shud Be Pressadint!!!! Thenn yiu Get “a” spatial Card it says yiu O-K to eet in “The” caffateeria! yiu got to show The Card ohtherweyes you dont get nothing “to eet!! And thagt whay wee can Keep Out any Racist Biggits whoo thay are Not InClusieve!!!

Thiss hear Actshin by “the” Stodent Soviet it puts “our” Collidge rihght thare in The four-front of Progrestive Human Rihghts! and any Boddy thay dont Like it wel Thay “can” jist do whith-out No Foood!!!

8 comments on “Iff yiu wanta Eet,, Yiu Mind got to Be Rihght!!

  1. Note the accompanying picture, with the woman in the hijab standing at the cafeteria line. I wonder whether they asked HER to sign a statement approving of gay marriage? Ah, intersectionality….

    1. Notice she is standing outside the rail, looking wistfully at food. She probably didn’t sign the statement.
      In Canada they’ve got it down to a science, “balancing rights.” In any given situation, some government stooge decides who gets scrod.

    2. For Muslims, binary is okay, even essential, since women are a commodity and must be identified as such. Again, it’s all a matter of intersectionality, which sometimes seems like a game of mah jongg … to risk a charge of cultural appropriation.

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