The $3 Hawk

I’ve had trouble trying to reblog today–but at least I caught this one, from Julia… who understands about God’s stuff.    –LD

The Beloved Stories

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As kids, my brother, sister and I were rewarded for spotting “rare” wildlife around our mundane suburb. My dad had a whole system for it: $1 for seeing a duck, $2 for turtles, and my personal favorite, the $3 hawk.

I made bank every time they flew over the forest preserve across from my house. On my way back from school, I’d count them up and report to my father: “12 bucks,” and he’d fork over a ten and a $2 bill (he always has them in his pocket – he’s that guy).

The beautiful thing about going to college in Tennessee is there are a ton of hawks. The heartbreaking thing about going to college in Tennessee is I’m in college and my dad no longer pays me for seeing hawks.

Bummer – because I’ve seen a lot lately. It always goes like this:


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