Pets of the Week

Enough with the crummy news already–let’s relax with our pets.

That business with the hedgehog reminds me of when I discovered, as a kid, that if I rubbed my pet lizards’ bellies, with would put them into something like a hypnotic trance. I’ll bet the same thing happened with that hedgehog.

4 comments on “Pets of the Week

  1. The dog rocking the baby was precious. It seemed to be quite aware of the job it was doing.

    That was one fat little hedgehog. They are nice pets, in and of themselves.

  2. Hard to say which of these is best! The dog falling asleep while having its ears rubbed almost put ME to sleep. And I loved the reprise of the dog packing its toys in the suitcase — and doing it more neatly the second time. The cats and dogs drinking water in various splashy ways were wonderful, as were the canine music critics. But anyone who buys a small child a toy accordion or lets a toddler play with food in an open refrigerator (electric bill, anyone? cleanup, anyone?) has to be a masochist. 🙂

  3. Many good ones, but of course the bunny pulling on the toilet paper was my favorite (which it lasted longer). That cat that knew how to work the water fountain was pretty smart.

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