Uh… Where’s My Search Bar?

See the source image

You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to post this image. Don’t even ask.

I have a stats page now, which I can gain access to by using Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox… only now there ain’t no search bar, so how am I going to find and plug in images to go with the post? The search bar seems to have vanished altogether. Like maybe it got dragged under the vicar’s backyard wading pool…

Lord, give me strength!

5 comments on “Uh… Where’s My Search Bar?

  1. Ah, technology, ain’t it great! That is what I do when I’m lost in space,
    I pray for the Holy Spirit to help me.

    1. It took Patty and me a couple of hours to get this straightened out today–and I still wound up without a search bar!–and my head is pounding.

      Now, when I want to do a post, I write it on the laptop, then run over to this computer to add the picture, then back to the laptop to put it on Facebook. The time it takes to do a post has been tripled for me.

  2. I guess this is what happens when you start messing around with the wading pool scenario. I think of James popular advice (not): “Count it all joy when you encounter trials.”

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