Is There a Donkey in the House?

Extraordinary! This donkey was born with a liver that wasn’t working properly. He’s okay now, but he almost died, and the condition left him… well, undersized. Much smaller than a donkey ought to be.

His people took him into the house and nursed him to health. Consequently, the baby donkey was socialized by human beings and their dogs–so he behaves more like a dog than a donkey. Such adaptability hints at high intelligence. Or else he just realized early on that dogs have a lot more fun than donkeys.

8 comments on “Is There a Donkey in the House?

  1. What a beautiful little fellow! He seems very content and well adapted to being a house pet. I am forming the impression that animals want to please us and will try to, if they are in the right circumstances. Between the owl videos and some of the other interesting animal videos I’ve seen lately I feel like I am seeing something completely new.

    1. You might be interested in a video on Youtube entitled, “Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job Dr Hugh Ross”. He talks about parrots who would dance to music that their favorite humans. This is unusual because it isn’t something that happens in the wild. But that human interaction brings out their fullest potential, that otherwise would not be possible. The parallel here is that our interaction with God brings out our fullest potential that we would otherwise not achieve on our own.

    2. Intelligent animals are able to adapt to a human-centered environment, and learn things that they’d never learn in the wild. We need to be better at adapting to a God-centered environment. If we were as smart as parrots, we’d be farther along toward that goal.

  2. The owls are adorable, and so is the tiny donkey. I don’t know that I would
    be capable of the care now, but it is fun to look at other peoples’ cuties.

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